POTD: Italian Sniper with Beretta ARX 200 Designated Marksman Rifle

    Beretta ARX 200

    Photo Of The Day: If the picture above was of an FN SCAR, the fan groups would be all over it. Somehow I think there are fewer fans of the Beretta ARX 200 out there, but what’s not to like about the rifle? Many years ago TFB covered the Beretta ARX 200 7.62mm Designated Marksmen¬†Rifle, and you can find more details about it at this link. The sight looks like a Steiner ICS.

    These pictures are from NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Latvia and there were more rifles present than the Beretta DMR. There were soldiers and snipers from Italy, Canada and Spain on the range at Camp Adazi, Latvia, as well.

    You use what you’ve got as support.

    An AI with a very high mount to accommodate night vision on the front Picatinny.

    We’re to thank Juan Delgado Garnacho, enhanced Forward Presence Imagery Technician, Ej√©rcito de Tierra (Spain) for these excellent pictures.