New 040 Onset Folding EDC Knife Introduced by Buck Knives

    New 040 Onset Folding EDC Knife Introduced by Buck Knives

    I have a drawer that has rapidly filled up with folding EDC knives over the years as I’ve tried out just about every design and style imaginable. Well, here’s one more that might end up in the drawer for eventual rotation – the Buck Knives 040 Onset folding EDC knife. The 040 Onset will be available beginning this August and will feature a 3-3/8″ drop point blade without serrations.

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    New 040 Onset Folding EDC Knife Introduced by Buck Knives

    The 040 Onset was developed through Buck’s commitment to continually expand and enhance their EDC (everyday carry) lineup. Building on nearly 120 years of knife making expertise to develop and optimize products, the Onset is Buck’s newest EDC in an ever expanding class that bears the trusted Buck name.

    “Buck’s legacy of crafting iconic products, some over a half century in continuous production, makes it easy to forget we have a state of the art facility in which we design, develop, and test our products,” said Chris Bourassa, Director of Marketing and Product Development. “The Onset is an exciting addition to our everyday carry class featuring a material and technical combination that’s tough to beat. Built, tested, and refined, every hand edged and hand sharpened 040 Onset is proudly made right here in Post Falls, Idaho.”

    Made in the USA and backed by Buck’s uncompromising Forever Warranty, the Onset will be available in August. MSRP: $180.

    New 040 Onset Folding EDC Knife Introduced by Buck Knives

    One thing I like is the slightly larger size of the knife when compared to other EDC knives. I tend to like larger handles for a variety of reasons on my EDC knives. The blade width also matches the width of the knife’s handle – a huge plus in my book. Hopefully, I can get my hands on one of these this fall.

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