POTD: Heckler & Koch G36E in Ejército de Tierra

    Heckler & Koch G36 in Ejército de Tierra

    Photo Of The Day: Ejército de Tierra is Spain’s territorial army. Here we can see the Battalion Zapadores of the Brigade ‘Guadarrama’ XII as they carry out an exercise to cross water obstacles in various ways . They are using the Heckler & Koch G36E. E is short for Export. The rifle has a telescopic sight with a 1.5x magnification. The reticle fixed at 300 meters.

    “Over the beach”

    G36 | Unrestricted speed and mobility

    Created for the requirements of the German armed forces, the G36 continues to set the standard in the field of assault rifles. Used as an infantry weapon in a large number of countries, special forces and security forces also rely on its constant reliability.

    Essential components of the G36 are made of glass fibre reinforced plastic. This gives the user a lightweight weapon with high performance and low maintenance requirements.

    The G36 is ideally suited for dismounted infantry operations. For optimal handling, weight, and rate of fire in close-quarters battle, and for rapid, accurate and penetrating single fire in long-range combat.

    You can find the Battalion Zapadores here: Brigade ‘Guadarrama’ XII