Circle 10 AK Introduces US-Made AK-74 Parts Kits

    Circle 10 AK Introduces US-Made AK-74 Parts Kits (4)

    Circle 10 AK has released a new product or rather a set of products – an AK-74 parts kit. According to the company, all components of these kits are made in the USA. Most of the parts are made by Circle 10 AK themselves but some are outsourced from other US manufacturers. All outsourced parts are exclusively made for these kits.

    Circle 10 AK @ TFB:

    Circle 10 AK Introduces US-Made AK-74 Parts Kits (3)

    As seen in the picture above, the Circle 10 AK US-made AK-74 parts kit includes every part necessary to build the rifle with the exception of the receiver. The 16″ barrel included in the kit is chrome-lined and chambered in 5.45x39mm. The bolt, bolt carrier and front trunnion are made of forgings, which is the way these parts are made in original AKs and is a superior method compared to casting and even billet machining. The kit comes with a fixed stock rear trunnion and a polymer fixed stock, however, the front trunnion is drilled for a side folding stock latch, which should make it easier to build a side folder rifle based on this kit.

    Circle 10 AK Introduces US-Made AK-74 Parts Kits (1)

    The parts that are made of forgings.

    The Circle 10 AK US-made AK-74 parts kits are listed on the company’s website at an MSRP of $849.95. Here is an important note from the Circle 10 AK’s website:

    These are all virgin parts, and may require fitting. Only to be used by experienced AK builders. These parts are as close to Combloc parts as possible, however may not be 100% clone correct.

    Tell us in the comments section what do you think about these new AK parts kits. Do you think the price is right? What would you prefer to see different in or added to these kits?

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