POTD: Shooting the FN Minimi & HK416N From Moving Vehicles

    FN Minimi Norway

    The Minimi has been in use with Norway’s Special Forces since the late 1980s. The FN Minimi/M249 SAW still feels modern, but it was actually introduced already in the 1970s. Since 2011, the Minimi has been in wider use with the armed forces of Norway with almost 1900 units added.

    Below: Soldier training to shoot the HK416 from a moving vehicle. Not that I would complain about shooting the HK416, but I certainly would enjoy a belt or two through the Minimi a lot more. Have you ever tried this?
    Below: Note the shooter in the cabin.
    All photos from Marcus Bere/Forsvaret, the Norwegian Defense.
    Check FN Herstal’s EVOLYS machine gun here.
    One of the competitions I was supposed to shoot last year had two stages with the description “shooting from a moving vehicle“. Guess what, they got cancelled like everything else.