POTD: The Weekend in Sight with the Heckler & Koch HK417

    HK417 Weekend

    In case you didn’t know,¬†Heckler & Koch Germany now has Facebook and Instagram accounts. From time to time there are some interesting images there, like this suppressed Heckler & Koch HK417.

    We can guess that the suppressor is from Swiss B&T, but the riflescope is definitely from Steiner¬†in a mount from Spuhr. The rifle is standing on bipods from Harris, a brand we, unfortunately, don’t hear so much from.

    You can find HK’s overview of the rifle here.¬†If you didn’t know, this is the big brother of the HK416, and it’s chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO.

    I’m not sure why anyone trying to hide would put “CAMO” on the knuckles of their gloves, but that’s another story. I’d put my rifle on safe while clicking as well. Gun safety first, how about you?

    Picture and caption: Heckler & Koch Germany (Facebook) and Instagram.

    What’s in sight for your weekend? Going shooting or doing boring stuff?