Hoppe’s New Ready Roll Portable Tool Roll Cleaning Kit

    Hoppe's New Reday Roll Portable Tool Roll Cleaning Kit

    Cleaning kits come in all shapes and sizes and styles these days. One of my favorite types of cleaning kits is the kinds that come with an integrated cleaning mat that stores all of my tools in one place – they are great to take to range trips and anywhere in the house where you find space to clean your guns. Hoppe’s has just released their newest cleaning product – the Ready Roll Cleaning Kit. The Ready Roll is a way to keep your tools organized and also acts as a 5-gallon bucket liner for storing additional tools that may not fit inside the kit itself.

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    Hoppe's New Reday Roll Portable Tool Roll Cleaning Kit

    Hoppe’s New Ready Roll Portable Tool Roll Cleaning Kit

    The Hoppe’s Ready Roll with Dry Cleaning Kit will keep your cleaning tools organized on the range or out in the field. The elastic accessory slots will keep the included universal dry cleaning kit pieces secure and the zipper compartments can store small, loose parts in one place. When it’s time to head out, roll up the Ready Roll and secure it closed with the attached nylon straps and buckles to use it as a tool roll. If you need to take more than just your cleaning tools with you, install the Ready Roll into any standard five gallon bucket by lining the inside of the bucket with the Ready Roll, secure the attached band around the top of the bucket, and cinch the cord lock to keep the Ready Roll in place. The universal cleaning kit includes a three-piece aluminum cleaning rod, bronze brushes and mops for .22, .30, .380/9mm, 20GA, and 12GA, as a three nylon jags, a shotgun patch loop, a shotgun adapter, and cleaning patches.  Wherever you want to go, the Ready Roll is built to keep your tools where you need them.

    • Includes a dry universal gun cleaning kit
    • Made out of heavy duty rip-stop material
    • Elastic webbing keeps cleaning tools and accessories in place
    • Two zipper pockets to store small pieces
    • Fits inside a standard five gallon bucket
    • Doubles as a tool roll

    Hoppe's New Ready Roll Portable Tool Roll Cleaning Kit

    The bucket utility is quite unique and I think it could be useful for bringing along things like shooting bags, or storing spent brass casings while out on the range while keeping your tools nearby. I also like the inclusion tool kits and the extra pockets for bringing some of your own favorite gun cleaning or gun maintenance tools. The Hoppe’s Ready Roll Kit is available with or without a pre-loaded cleaning tool kit for $33.74 (without) or $47.24 (with).

    Hoppe's New Ready Roll Portable Tool Roll Cleaning Kit

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