POTD: Heckler & Koch MG5 with German Paratroopers

    HK MG5

    With the Heckler & Koch MG5, also known as the HK121, the German paratroopers have a modern and powerful support weapon in 7.62x51mm. That’s the main attraction in our Photo Of The Day, but there’s more to enjoy below.

    Apart from the MG5, the Panzerfaust 3 was used. The Panzerfaust 3 is a modern semi-disposable recoilless anti-tank weapon. For more info on that weapon system check the “German Panzergrenadier with Panzerfaust 3” article.

    Caption, machine-translated from German:

    There was a lot going on at the military training area in Lehnin last week. Several weapon-bearers Wiesel, dozens of soldiers with heavy artillery and transport vehicles used the forest for the exercise Evil Ewok 2021. In the classic roles of attackers and defenders, soldiers from the 31 parachute regiment from Seedorf and the 413 hunter battalion from Torgelow met each other.
    Both attack and defense are no easy feat in a dense forest. The infantry forces on both sides had to use their available resources in a coordinated manner.

    Camouflage and deception were part of the exercise. These small armored tanks may not look too sophisticated, but I’m thinking it may be quite annoying to have them around you in a battle. Small, but with a sting. 

    The caption in German was done by Lisa and the photos are from the German Bundeswehr and Carl Schulze.

    To learn more, check the “Heckler & Koch Product Overview and New nomenclature“.