POTD: Heckler & Koch MP7 and G36E in Ejército de Tierra

    HK MP7 Spain Ejército de Tierra

    Photo Of The Day: In a post about “Values ​​in the Army“, the Ejército de Tierra – Spanish Armed (Land) Forces – posted this picture of the Heckler & Koch MP7 with this caption.

    Acting with honor means behaving with rectitude in all circumstances, above interests and difficulties, with authenticity and nobility, demonstrating an exemplary attitude, on which prestige and good reputation will be built.

    I think the dog is a Belgian Malinois. I’m not sure why there is a Magpul Gen 2 PMAG Window G36 magazine in his pouch, but there’s probably a G36 around.

    The same account also posted this photo of the Heckler & Koch G36E with a grenade launcher. Apparently “E” stands for “Export” and not “España” which was my first guess. With about 75.000 units Spain has quite a few G36 rifles.
    hk g36
    Both pictures are from the Ejército de Tierra, the Spanish Armed Forces. (Facebook: Ejército de Tierra)
    If you can’t get enough of the HK MP7 check these pictures out: U.S. Marine with Suppressed H&K MP7, U.S. Marine with Camouflaged H&K MP7 and Heckler & Koch MP7 in the Norwegian Defence. My strangest ever H&K MP7 moment is this one: HK MP7 in Pagani Zonda at F1 Bahrain