SIG Introduces New P226 Optic Ready PRO-Cut Slide Assembly

    SIG Introduces New P226 Optic Ready PRO-Cut Slide Assembly

    Those of you who have been wanting to upgrade your stalwart SIG P226 pistols to fit a more modern aesthetic and function will be happy to hear that SIG has just released the new P226 PRO-Cut Optic ready slide assembly. The new PRO-Cut Slide Assembly is an out-of-the-box factory replacement for your standard P226 slide that won’t void your warranty.

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    SIG Introduces New P226 Optic Ready PRO-Cut Slide Assembly

    SIG Introduces New P226 Optic Ready PRO-Cut Slide Assembly

    The PRO-CUT slides you’ve been waiting for are now available!
    Introducing PRO-CUT slides designed for the legendary P226 series of pistols. The P226 PRO-CUT slides feature stylized relief cuts and XRAY3 Day/Night Sights, and are also optic-ready with a removeable rear sight plate making them compatible with the ROMEO1Pro, Delta Point Pro, and RMR Red Dot Sights. The P226 PRO-CUT slides are compatible with all P226 series pistols. Click the link in bio to get yours!

    Factory replacement RX Slide Assembly for the P226 9mm.


    • Optic ready with sight cover plate compatability: ROMEO1PRO, Delta Point Pro, and RMR (requires RMR sealing plate).
    • X-RAY3 night-sights
    • Stylized relief cuts

    Unlike 3rd party slide upgrades, this item does not void your P226 warranty.

    *Please Note*
    This slide is intended for use with factory SIG SAUER 9mm threaded or non-threaded barrels, guide rod, and recoil springs.
    Compatible with ROMEO1PRO red dot sight.

    No doubt people will already be pining for a PRO-Cut slide for the SIG P226 as many still love, shoot, and carry the .40 S&W version of the P226. The stated optic compatibility while not ultra extensive is probably enough to get most people looking to get into carrying optics with their P226 interested in the slide itself. I particularly like the design choice for the muzzle end of the slide with the semi-circular cuts that give it a unique look. The SIG P226 PRO-Cut Optic Ready Slide Assembly is available from for 399.99.

    SIG Introduces New P226 Optic Ready PRO-Cut Slide Assembly

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