Rifle Dynamics’ Red Oktober Is Back! ROKC21 Is On!

    Rifle Dynamics has been hosting their Red Oktober Kalashnikov Competition (ROKC) since 2016. Sadly last year’s ROKC was cancelled due to COVID. Recently Rifle Dynamics announced that the premier US AK competition is back on, ROKC21 is coming this October 23-24.

    Red Oktober @ TFB:

    ROKC women shooting off barricade

    For those of you not familiar with Red Oktober, it is a dynamic competition somewhat similar to 3-gun and USPSA. It is a lot of moving and shooting typically in or around barricades and props on stage. It challenges you as a shooter often having to take shots from awkward positions and in some cases unsupported shooting. The match is scored based on time plus penalties.

    Red Oktober is held at ProGun in Las Vegas. Here is a video, for ROKC20 about the various divisions. They are:

    • Heavy Open
    • Heavy
    • Light Open
    • Light
    • Pea Shooter
    • Clip Fed

    Here is a video from ROKC19.


    Statement from Rifle Dynamics:

    The Rifle Dynamics Red Oktober Kalashnikov Championships is back! ROKC is the premiere AK event in the country that draws hundreds of competitors and fans alike of the Kalashnikov platform. 2021 will be the 5th year of the event (last year was postponed, thanks COVID!) and we are looking to celebrate this year in a big way.

    Established in 2016 as the first AK competition of its kind by our Range Commandant, Brian Nelson, it has grown from just a competition with AKs to a full-on celebration of the platform. In 2019 we were honored to have Red Oktober expand to Russia! Bringing some Kalashnikov love from these United States back to the Motherland.

    For the 2021 competition we are happy to announce that we have teamed up with our cosponsors Kalashnikov USA and KCI USA to expand and grow the event this year.  Both companies have made huge strides in their involvement with the AK community and we’re grateful for their support as with all of our sponsors. At ROKC spectators will have the ability to go out and meet their favorite AK companies, demo some new gear, and leave with some parts and accessories to complete their newest builds. Gun Owners of America, among others, will be in attendance for their second year to host smaller charity matches throughout the 2-day event and prizes & giveaways will be available both of the days for all who attend.  For the first time in ROKC history Battlefield Vegas will also be bringing some big toys and exotic Soviet firearms peppered throughout the stages and for visitors to play with.  DShKs, T-62 tanks and many more!

    Red Oktober will be held October 23-24, 2021 at Pro Gun Vegas in Boulder City, NV, which is a 20 minute drive from the Las Vegas Strip making it ideal for that little getaway from all the lights. We’ll be working with Pro Gun Vegas to offer the ability to stay & camp on site with more details to come. Here’s to half a decade of Kalashing in the desert!

    Calvin Truong aka Phoc Long, is a regular at ROKC

    For more information go to Rifle Dynamic’s website.

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