NEW Strike Industries Plus-Five Baseplate: Canik TP9 EMP


    The Canik TP9 has been enjoying wild success over the last year. The feature-rich pistol with a reasonable price tag has been surprising shooters left and right. Well, with success comes aftermarket support. Like Glocks and SIGs before it, Strike Industries has introduced a plus-five Canik TP9 EMP baseplate.


    The Strike Industries Extended Magazine Plate for CANiK TP9 was designed to provide smoother magazine reloading through a slow drag / no snag design while maintaining maximum magazine capacity. The Extended Magazine Plate (EMP) adds plus 5 9mm rounds to OEM CANiK TP9 magazines. Following the success of our EMP systems for pistols, the form factor and unique geometric design gives a unified and aggressive aesthetic look to your CANiK TP9. Included is a steel locking plate which adds extra locking security. Give your CANiK pistol the extra rounds it deserves with the Strike Industries Extended Magazine Plate (EMP) for CANiK TP9

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    NEW From Strike Industries: Canik TP9 EMP


    The Extended Magazine Plate (EMP) for the Canik TP9 adds five rounds of 9mm to OEM Canik magazines. The sleek design and sharp lines expertly match the aesthetic of the TP9, and the knurled front gives shooters added purchase during reloads. Like all the other EMPs, these are made from Impact-resistant polymer. For a secure fit, these come equipped with a steel locking plate, which is secured with a set screw. Even with the extended length, magazines will fly under the USPSA 140mm Race division length limit. Make sure to check the product page for compatibility restrictions.



    • Length: 48.80mm (1.92″)
    • Width: 29.70mm (1.17″)
    • Height: 35.00mm (1.38″)
    • Weight: 0.7 oz
    • Price: $24.95


    If you run a Canik TP9 and want to add more juice to your squeeze, check these out. If you’re looking for EMP’s for any of your other pistols, head over to the Strike Industries website. Strike is very active on social media, so make their efforts worth it. Follow along with them on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

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