POTD: Jagdkommando Soldiers with Steyr AUGs

    Jagdkommando Soldiers with Steyr AUGs
    Until I saw these pictures, I didn’t really think about it, but if you’re shooting out of a boat a bullpup may be a pretty good idea? The main weight is going closer to the center and that’s probably a good thing to get better stability. As an owner of a bullpup (IWI Tavor), I’m not planning on trying this out anytime soon, but it sounds good in theory. I guess this is how all the boating accidents happen with non-bullpups? This Photo Of The Day comes with pictures from the Austrian Bundesheer. Don’t rock the boat! The bullpups are of course Steyr AUGs.
    Caption, machine-translated from German:
    On the water, the Jagdkommando soldiers also train procedures with the RHIB (Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat) in order to fulfill orders quickly and effectively in this element too. Shooting from this boat is a particular challenge and needs constant training.
    All photos from the Austrian Bundesheer taken by the excellent photographer Nick Rainer.