Krieghoff Gun Of The Year 2021 – The Spartan Gun

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    German hunting arms manufacturer Krieghoff annually releases a “Gun of The Year”, one of their firearms with a custom engraving theme dedicated to a certain person, event or place. In 2019, the Krieghoff Gun Of The Year was a tribute to Abraham Lincoln, the 2020 gun was engraved with Galapagos Islands wildlife. The 2021 Krieghoff Gun Of The Year is an over & under shotgun (likely a K-80) called The Spartan Gun and it’s dedicated to the Battle of Thermopylae (480 BC) and 300 Spartans. The gun is engraved with battle scenes, Greek motifs and the ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ inscription.

    Here is the description of The Spartan Gun quoted from Krieghoff’s website followed by pictures and a video showing the gun.


    The Battle of Thermopylae……. David versus Goliath, Sparta versus Persia. Real heroes from ancient times. Krieghoff’s Gun of the Year 2021 is dedicated to these heroes. Herodotus reported 300 Spartans fought to protect their King Leonidas knowing they were outnumbered by the far superior army of the Persian Empire – and thus chose certain death. Through their heroic sacrifice, the Spartans united Greece in their decision to resist the Persians.

    Despite the epic 480 BC defeat at the Thermopylae Pass, victorious battles at Salamis and Plataiai turned the tide and the Greeks were victorious in the end

    A look back shows what an epoch-making event the Persian Wars were. Their historical importance to the world cannot be emphasized enough. The success that the ancient Greeks were able to achieve in defending their homeland was not only celebrated with euphoria in ancient Hellas but also still exemplified as the triumph of freedom over tyranny to this day. „ ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ’ “ a phrase born from tragedy now eternally serves as an inspiration to military units. „Come and Take It“ cry the brave as they defend that which is important to them. This historic phrase, engraved on the Gun of the Year top latch resonates just as loudly today.

    Together with the engravers from Creative Art, Krieghoff immortalizes the Spartans’ sacrifice for the freedom and the future of Europe in this year’s Gun of the Year „The Spartan Gun“. Krieghoff International congratulates Alamo Sporting Arms on their vision in creating this spectacular project. Feel the spirit of the Spartans as you view „The Spartan Gun“

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