Flat Dark Earth Everything: FN Expands Pistol Line With All-FDE Models

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    The color of the handgun is apparently a very important factor for the sales of firearms, and FDE (Flat Dark Earth) is still very much in fashion. In fact, it’s so important that FN America has chosen to offer the FN Five-seveN and the FN 503 in all-FDE. I have to say I really like FDE, but on a handgun – especially one designated for EDC carry – something black or darker would be my personal preference.

    Here’s the announcement in full:

    FN Expands Pistol Offerings With All-FDE Models

    Catering to the requests of shooting enthusiasts and FN brand fans alike, FN America, LLC is pleased to announce the release of new flat dark earth (FDE) offerings in both its FN Five-seveN® and FN 503® line-ups, available at authorized retailers soon.

    “Today’s gun buyer is looking for variety and options, not just with accessories but with color variants that stand out in unique and noticeable ways,” said Chris Cole, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for FN America, LLC. “FN’s all-FDE models certainly stand out and we feel that these new releases in our signature color give consumers greater options to further customize, and personalize, their gun and gear setups.”

    FN Five-seveN FDE

    The original FN Five-seveN®, often imitated but hardly duplicated, has two decades of trusted service with allied armies, global law enforcement and civilians.

    Extending its groundbreaking design is a new, all flat dark earth frame and slide. With improved range and accuracy over common pistol cartridges, the NATO-standardized 5.7x28mm, developed by FN, is fired from the chrome-lined cold hammer-forged barrel.

    Pinpoint accuracy and minimal felt recoil is standard issue. Equipped with an internal hammer, the smooth trigger with a predictable break further enhances accuracy.

    This new all-FDE model, available with 10-rd or 20-rd magazines, replaces the existing two-toned FDE and Black. Existing California-compliant Five-Seven models remain unchanged.

    FN 503 FDE

    The latest update to FN’s micro compact 9mm pistol, now available in flat dark earth, is inspired by the company’s legendary reputation for battle-proven quality. Setting a new standard in concealed carry handguns, the 503 is more controllable and accurate thanks to a full-height grip stippling and a best-in-class trigger breaking cleanly at approximately 5.5-lbs. The FN 503 is a discreet and comfortable gun that conceals easily thanks to its slim profile. The snag-free all-metal 3 dot sights deliver an instant and crisp sight picture.

    For more information on FN’s latest products, visit us at www.fnamerica.com or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

    FN Five-seveN

    FDE FN America

    FN 503 FDE

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    You can find FN America here: https://fnamerica.com/

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