Type-A Unveils the New CQBR Block II Resto-Mod Rifle

    Type-A Unveils the New CQBR Block II Resto-Mod Rifle

    Type-A is a high-quality manufacturer of custom-built firearms and firearm parts. Type-A (BGD Defense) is proud to announce their latest addition to their rifle lineup. The CQBR Block II Resto-Mod Rifle aims to blend the classic quad rail look with modernized parts to create a unique blend of the old and the new. The CQBR Block II Resto-Mod has several options available for muzzle devices and a few other accessories to tune the rifle to your preferences.

    Type-A Unveils the New CQBR Block II Resto-Mod Rifle

    Type-A Unveils the New CQBR Block II Resto-Mod Rifle


    Lower Receiver

    • Lower Receiver:                TYPE-A A2 Profile Forged Lower w/UID label
    • Stock:                                    B5 SOPMOD Stock or CAR Mil-Spec Stock Body
    • Grip:                                      B5 P-Grip or A2 Mil-Spec Grip
    • Trigger:                                 TYPE-A PMC 2-Stage Trigger 1 1/2 lbs Rest with 3 1/2-4 lbs pull
    • Rear Mount:                       TYPE-A Low Pro S7 Micro End Plate

    Upper Receiver

    • Upper Receiver:                TYPE-A Forged Upper Receiver
    • Barrel:                                   TYPE-A 10.5” 416R SS Light M4 Profile Match Grade with Carbine Gas
    • Gas Block:                            30 Position Fully Adjustable Gas Block
    • Muzzle Device:                  TYPE-A ASR Ready Muzzle Brake (Customer’s Choice)
    • Hand Guard:                       TYPE-A Mk18-9.875 Slim Quad Rail
    • Bolt Carrier Group:          TYPE-A REM Polished Titanium Nitride BCG
    • Charging Handle:              TYPE-A Standard Plus Ambi Charging Handle

    Type-A Unveils the New CQBR Block II Resto-Mod Rifle

    Our new CQBR Block II Resto-Mod rifle mixes the classic look and modularity of a quad rail with the addition of upgraded parts that make shooting suppressed more enjoyable. We took our upgraded 416R Stainless Steel barrel and paired it with an adjustable gas block on our PRO models. We are also offering the CQBR Block II with our short stroke piston system if you plan on running it suppressed full time.

    Here at Type-A, we want to make the highest quality product available so as a result we have decided to bring as much of the machining capabilities in house to keep our quality standards as high as possible. Everything from rails, barrels, barrel nuts, muzzles, uppers, lowers, triggers, buffers, safety selectors, Charging handles, bolt carrier groups, and buffer springs

    The new CQBR Block II will be shipped with our two-stage flat faced trigger as well as our brand-new Standard + Charging handle which improves functionality but keeps the classic look. We will offer three different size charging handles depending on how large you want the ears to be. They will be available in small, medium or large. Individuals who already own a Type-A rifle can easily switch between our quad rail, slim rail or hybrid rail depending on what the user wants in their set up since they all run the same barrel nut.

    Pricing on the CQBR Block II PRO model would be $1899 for a standard model and $2199 with a Law Folder. The CQBR Block II Contractor model with the short stroke piston system would be $2199 and $2499 with a Law Folder.

    Most companies who are doing classic builds are using non-adjustable gas blocks and if the owners shoot suppressed for a long period of time, it’s hard to shoot comfortably without the ability to adjust the level of gas coming back. We have tuned the gas system to better accommodate suppressed shooting which will give a better overall experience without having the drawbacks of weapon systems from that era.

    The CQBR Block II is available for purchase now and can be ordered through us or any of our dealers.

    Type-A Unveils the New CQBR Block II Resto-Mod Rifle

    I am personally a big fan of the versatility and the look of quad rails on AR-pattern rifles. Although it is fairly heavy compared to other mounting options like KeyMod and M-LOK, the Quad rail system remains the most durable mounting system on the market for lights, lasers, optics, and grips. If the CQBR Block II isn’t your cup of tea, Type-A also has pistol caliber carbines and rifles for just about every application from Law Enforcement and Military to 3 Gun competition guns.

    Type-A Unveils the New CQBR Block II Resto-Mod Rifle

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