Nosler Tips: First Trip to the Shooting Range

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    Nosler Inc continue their efforts of helping the millions of first-time firearm owners. Back in February, we reported about Nosler’s Project 48, an initiative to recruit industry experts to produce content related to firearms safety, handling, maintenance, legal aspects, etc. The company’s latest contribution to educating the new gun owners is in a form of a video where professional hunter and Nosler Pro-Staff member Randy Newberg tells useful tips for those who plan their first trip to the shooting range. In the video, Randy talks about types of ranges, the rules they may have, firearms safety, range officer commands, the equipment you’ll need to bring with you to the shooting range and general range etiquette. Without further ado, let’s watch the video.

    Most of our readers are probably seasoned shooters and although for you, the tips covered in the video are likely common knowledge, they may not be obvious for people who hit the range the first time in their life. Videos like this are especially needed today when so many people buy their first firearm, however, this kind of content should be really helpful in the future too remaining relevant regardless of the time it was published. If you are a first-time gun buyer, tell us in the comments section educational content about what other firearm-related topics would you like to see published or covered more thoroughly. For experienced shooters, tell us what other tips would you tell those who plan their first range trip.

    Wrapping up this article, I’ll quote below Randy Newberg’s bio from Nosler’s Pro-Staff page.


    Professional Hunter

    Randy Newberg is a hunter. Randy is the voice of the public land hunter in America. Decades of chasing all species across public lands has provided both experience and perspective that has allowed Randy to become the leading advocate for the self-guided hunter; hunters dependent upon public lands for hunting access.

    What started by accident, has grown into two popular TV shows, Fresh Tracks and On Your Own Adventures, accompanied by the long-standing Hunt Talk web forum. Now added to those platforms is the Hunt Talk Podcast where you get Randy Newberg, unfiltered.

    Randy uses his platforms to advocate for hunters and public access. In addition to representing hunters in Congress and state legislatures, he serves as a volunteer and board member for many hunting and conservation groups.

    Nosler Tips First Trip to the Shooting Range (2)

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