Bergara Small Batch – Refined in Spain, Barreled in Georgia

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    Bergara Small Batch is a new series of custom firearms recently announced by Bergara North America. Comparing to small batch whiskey, the company describes the guns that will be included in this series as “Refined in Spain, Barreled in Georgia” which apparently means that these custom builds will be done by American gunsmiths in the Bergara North America premises in Lawrenceville, GA, based on the main components imported from their factory in Spain.

    The first Small Batch series firearm will be released soon. Currently, on the Small Batch series page of Bergara’s website, you can find the following description and the video embedded below it.

    Though perfection is longed for and sought after, it is not easily obtained. It takes craftsmanship, persistence, and refinement to create a quality unmatched.

    A quality found in premium barrels forged in Spain, select materials, and American talent evolving into a premier firearm.

    How does one improve upon perfection? Like a small batch whiskey assuming individual flavors through the process of hand selected barrels, we have created an exclusive series for the refined palate. A firearm that speaks to a level of perfection only achieved in small batches when an artisan’s talents combine with superior components.

    Introducing Bergara Small Batch.

    Refined in Spain, Barreled in Georgia

    Now, the challenge coins made of barrel sections are really cool and I hope they’ll sell them in the Logo Gear section of their shop. Tell us in the comments section what models of Bergara rifles would you like to see in the Small Batch series and with what kind of modifications and custom features.

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