POTD: RK95 / Sako M92S by Value Manufacturing

    RK95 / Sako M92S AK upgrade

    In Vlad’s article from the beginning of this year titled “AK 2.0 – Finnish Upgrade Kit for Kalashnikov Rifles by Value Manufacturing”, we got a good introduction to Value Manufacturing. In this Photo Of The Day, we take a closer look at what the upgrades look like. Please note that this is just a photo-based article for your leisure, without pricing. However, you can find links and more details below to take you further.

    RK95 / Sako M92S

    Here’s the information from Value Manufacturing:

    RK95 – the latest of the Finnish AKs just got better with Value Manufacturing AK2.0 upgrade kit

    Finland has long history of producing the finest AK based rifles in the world. Alas they haven’t been manufactured in decades and the last model was called RK95 RK stands for “rynnäkkökivääri” (an assault rifle in Finnish) an 95 meaning the model year. RK95 and its semi-auto only version Sako M92S were produced by Sako Plc and are widely regarded as the best AK based assault rifles ever made. Rifles are still used by the military and they are popular among Finnish reservists. Finland is a country with a mandatory military service for all males and there are hundreds of thousands of people in the reserve, ready to be called when needed.

    However, RK95 being designed in 90s as an upgrade of the venerable RK62 was getting a bit outdated without having a possibility to add those all those tactical necessities, adjustable stock etc.

    Introduce Value Manufacturing Ltd – a Finnish company specialized in modernizing RKs and AKs. Value Manufacturing designed an upgrade kit for RK95 where you attach a sight rail, adjustable stock and m-lok handguard to bring the rifle up to modern standards.

    As you can see from the pictures the company is focusing a lot both on a very high quality manufacturing up to NATO standards and user friendliness creating real end user value.

    All the parts of the upgrade kit are bolt-on and do not require permanent changes to the rifle. The upgrade will truly bring the rifle up to the 21st Century. To the NATO Accessory Rail sight rail you can add to your optic of choice, you can use your favorite AR adjustable stock and add lights, grips and other mission critical items to the m-lok handguard.


    Below: Note the SAKO Made in Finland letters.


    You can follow the company on https://www.instagram.com/value_manufacturing/?hl=en

    You can also check AKupgrade.com

    I quite fancy a Sako M92S, but I don’t think there are too many around even in the Nordic / Europe.