Liemke Keiler Thermal Monoculars Now Available in the USA

    Keiler 35 Pro Thermal Monocular

    Keiler 35 Pro

    Last year Blaser Group announced the acquisition of Liemke Thermal Optics. This means that Liemke joins brands like Mauser, J.P. Sauer & Sohn, Rigby, Minox as well as the Blaser Group Wetzlar GmbH. Liemke may not be so well known in the USA, but they have been active in the market for thermal imaging technology since 2008. Since 2014, they have been developing their own products and solutions. Their Keiler 13 Pro and Keiler 35 thermal monoculars are now available in the United States for the first time.

    Below you can read the announcement:

    San Antonio, Texas – Liemke, a leader in high-definition thermal imaging for hunting and nature observation, is now shipping its popular Keiler 13 Pro and Keiler 35 Pro thermal monoculars in the United States. Designed as hand-held devices, these compact and rugged spotters can detect heat signatures in all light conditions – nighttime, daytime, dawn, or dusk – giving hunters a clear edge in the field for observing and tracking game.

    The pocket-size Keiler 13 Pro features heat signature detection up to 500 yards while the Keiler 35 Pro has detection capability up to 1,350 yards. Heat sources can be displayed in various color modes in both models and can be enlarged digitally to show even finer detail when viewing game.

    These high-performance monoculars are built to withstand the heaviest downpours and have 50 Hz frame rates ensuring fast refresh rates for unsurpassed image quality and easy viewing. They also have recording capability with internal data storage of 16G. Video and photos can be transferred via cable from the Keiler 13 Pro. The Keiler 35 Pro has integrated Wi-Fi allowing live image data to be transferred to an Android® or Apple® device up to 54 yards away.

    “Liemke thermal devices are at the forefront of technology, delivering proven German engineering,” said Jason Evans, CEO, Blaser Group. “This reputation for unparalleled performance is why the Liemke brand has long been the top choice among European hunters, and we are excited to offer these advanced thermal optics to American hunters and others who require state-of-the-art thermal imaging.”


    liemke 13 pro

    Keiler 13 Pro

    Keiler 13 Pro (Forest)


    • 13mm objective lens
    • Ceramic VOx detector with 240×180 pixel resolution
    • 17µm pixel pitch
    • LCOS display with 720×540 pixel resolution
    • Shutter / Calibration is Auto / Manual
    • Optical Zoom 1.2x
    • Fixed Focus
    • Digital Zoom 2x
    • Field of View 18 x 13
    • Field of View 50M at 100M
    • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
    • Battery Run Time – up to 12 hours of continuous operation
    • Weight: 11.64 ounces
    • Backed by a 3-year warranty
    • In accordance with strict regulations, the thermal imaging scope is certified according to IP66 standards to provide optimal protection against dust and heavy rain.

    MSRP: $1,332.00

    Keiler 35 Pro (Forest / Field)


    • 35mm objective lens
    • Ceramic VOx detector with 384×288 pixel resolution
    • 12µm pixel pitch
    • LCOS display in QVGA format with 1,280×960 pixel resolution
    • Shutter / Calibration is Auto / Manual
    • Optical Zoom 2.5x
    • Manual Focus
    • Digital Zoom 2-4x
    • Wi-Fi Live
    • Field of View 11 x 8
    • Field of View 13m at 100m
    • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
    • Battery Run Time – at least 7 hours
    • Weight: 14.81 ounces
    • Backed by a 3-year warranty
    • In accordance with strict regulations, the thermal imaging scope is certified according to IP66 standards to provide optimal protection against dust and heavy rain.

    MSRP: $3,332.00

    About Liemke Thermal Optics

    Headquartered in Bielefeld, Germany, Liemke is the dominant thermal imaging brand in Germany trusted for its optical quality, reliability, outstanding customer service, and unsurpassed price-performance ratio.

    Liemke is at the forefront of thermal technology, and its optics are prized by hunters for their high-definition images with fast refresh rates and smooth viewing. The company makes hand-held thermal imaging spotters (the Keiler and Challenger lines) for observation and tracking of game in all light conditions, giving hunters a significant edge – especially in darkness and fog. Liemke also offers dual-use thermal optics. The Merlin line can be used as hand-held spotters or attached with a clamp to daytime riflescopes for hunting at night, and the Sperber line can be used as spotters or mounted as thermal riflescopes. For more information, visit: Liemke Shop.

    About Blaser Group

    The Blaser Group is the official U.S. importer for iconic German firearms brands Blaser, Mauser and J.P. Sauer; English gunmaker John Rigby & Co.; Minox optics and Liemke Thermal Optics. Established in 2006, the company which is based in San Antonio, Texas works with distributors, wholesalers, and over 200 authorized Blaser Group dealers across all North American states, with this figure continually growing. Today the Blaser Group’s industry-leading product portfolio includes bolt-action, combination rifles and over-and-under shotguns designed specifically for game hunters and competitive target shooters. Its custom shop offers exclusive engravings, design work and custom finishing for bespoke guns. With recent innovations, Blaser

    Group has gone on to expand its product portfolio into cutting-edge optics and accessory lines. For more information about the company and product lines, visit:

    Here’s a video to display the performance of the Liemke Keiler 35 Pro.

    Did you jump on the thermal train yet? What do you think of this new entry into the American market?

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