POTD: The Kalashnikov AKV-521 Carbine with Interchangeable Uppers

    AK akv-521

    Kalashnikov Group posted some interesting photos on Facebook, which will be the subject for today’s Photo Of The Day. For details on the background of this new rifle please check  “Kalashnikov Concern Shows The Prototype of Upcoming 500-Series AKs – The AKV-521 Rifle.

    Check the picture above and the details lasered on the uppers in the photo below: AKB in .223 Rem and 5.45×39. Also, note the difference in barrel lengths. The magazine reads 5.56 NATO. Pretty nice with an AK where you can switch uppers and calibers, don’t you think?

    Caption from the YouTube video below:
    Today we will be showing you the main features of the new AKV-521 carbine, the latest design by the Kalashnikov Group, aimed predominantly at the civilian market.
    The most distinctive feature here is the fact that, while staying about 85% compatible with the TR3 carbine (a civilian-market version of the updated AK-12 rifle), the new model boasts a receiver split into upper and lower. The bolt guiding rails, bolt, trunnion, barrel, gas block, and muzzle brake have been relocated to the upper, while the magazine fixture, trigger group, fire selector switch, and buttstock remain integrated with the lower half. The recoil spring locks against a post attached to the lower. Another feature is the charging handle made removable to provide for disassembly through the rear end. The receiver on the prototype is milled, while it will be stamped on the production model.
    The fire selector switch follows the logic traditional for the AK, meant to be operated with just the index finger. In this current version, we have a vertical fire selector switch on the left side, made like that to provide for folding the buttstock and locking it. Another major feature is the sight rail staying permanently linked to the barrel in all use cases, including disassembly, reassembly, and cleaning of the carbine. The rail here is just the correct height for a micro reflex sight installed on a low mount to be 1/3 co-witnessed with the iron sights, which allows for using a red dot sight simultaneously with the iron sights. #AKV521 #Kalashnikov

    Made in Russia.


    Below: Note the safety.

    Images and video by Kalashnikov Concern, www.kalashnikov.com

    Fire away – what do you think of it?