POTD: Falkland Islands Defence Force’s Saluting Guns

    Photo Of The Day: We take a look at the saluting guns on Victory Green, Falkland Islands. The Falkland Islands Defence Force (FIDF) is a Volunteer Military Unit established already in 1892. The FIDF works together with military units from the United Kingdom in the defense of the islands.

    I like the old-style pistol grip on the big guns.

    Below you can read more details about the history of these guns. Considering that some of the cases are over 100 years old, it gives a new view on the term “reloading”.

    The FIDF operate two saluting guns on Victory Green marking key ceremonial occasions and acts of remembrance.
    The guns are Hotchkiss 3 Pounder Quick Firing guns manufactured in 1896 and marked with the Queen Victoria Royal Seal. The guns arrived in the late 1990’s from Gibraltar to replace the previous guns that were in poor condition.
    The guns were originally used on Naval Ships to protect against torpedo boats and a small number remain around the world as saluting guns. The saluting ammunition cases are reloaded and restamped. Some cases have manufacture dates going back to 1920s.
    During public events each gun is normally crewed by two FIDF members and the guns are commanded by the FIDF Company Quartermaster Sergeant(CQMS) who is also responsible for maintenance.

    Reloaded more than once.

    saluting guns on Victory Green   

    Source: Pictures and caption from the Falkland Islands Defence Force. You can find more pictures of the gun on their Facebook page. Also check: https://www.fig.gov.fk/defenceforce/