Iron Sights For Ruger American Ranch Rifles From NoDak Spud

    NoDak Spud Iron Sights for Ruger American Ranch

    Image credit: NoDak Spud

    NoDak Spud has recently developed a set of aftermarket iron sights for the popular Ruger American Ranch rifles. For the most part, new production bolt action rifle manufacturers seem to have forsaken iron sights in favor of the expectancy that users will add an optic of their choosing. The Ruger American Ranch rifles are quite affordable and reliable, yet don’t feature iron sights, until now.

    Iron Sights for Ruger American Ranch rifle

    Image credit: NoDak Spud

    The new iron sights from NoDak Spud are available as a set, or individually. The front sight is named the NDS-56, and has one clamping screw and two set screws. The front sight post is adjustable for elevation and uses SKS-style front sight posts. Mike, co-owner of NoDak Spud said AK sight posts will also work, but that the shank is usually a bit longer. The following quote is from Mike, from his product announcement on referring to how secure the front sight is, and ways to ensure that.

    As manufactured there are 3 attachment points. The 10/32 clamping screw and two 10/32 set screws the come down from the top. When all three are tightened down properly you would probably bend one of the ears before the sight would rotate. You should also gently tap the base back onto the barrel’s taper when installing it. This will act as a wedge.

    However, there are several ways to make it “more” secure.

    1. coat the inside of the sight base with red loctite or epoxy

    2. dimple the top of the barrel for the set screws like an AR gas block

    3. drill and cross pin the base to the barrel once you have gotten your FSB timed and sights zeroed

    iron sights for Ruger American Ranch rifles

    Image credit: NoDak Spud

    The rear sight assembly, the NDS-55 is machined into the back of a Picatinny rail that will still allow the use of optics. The function of the rear sight is similar to the M16 A1 sight in that it has two apertures and the 10-holed windage dial is secured by a spring-loaded pin. The NDS-55 is currently only compatible with the short action models.

    iron sights for Ruger American Ranch rifles

    Image credit: NoDak Spud

    You can see the NoDak Spud equipped Ruger in action below from NoDak Spud’s YouTube channel.

    For the moment, NoDak Spud’s iron sights for the Ruger American Ranch rifles are only available for the 5.56×45 version. They are working on gaining information from customers on other barrel profiles and calibers within the Ruger American Ranch line, some of which have varied, so feel free to check with NoDak Spud to make sure your barrel profile will work with the NDS-56.

    The rear sight NDS-55 is listed at $76, and the front sight NDS-56 is listed at $54 on NoDak Spud’s website. You can also follow them on YouTube and Facebook.

    What do you think about NoDak Spud’s new iron sights for the Ruger American Ranch rifles?

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