TFB Review: Zaffiri Precision Glock 43 Slide and SRC Micro Red Dot

    Thanks to my friend Jason for clueing me into Zaffiri Precision. They have been making their own custom slides and barrels for Glocks and last year branched out to SIG slides. Well, I got their ZPS.2-G43 slide and barrel to upgrade my Glock 43. I also got their SRC micro red dot which the slide was cut for.

    Upgrade Your Glock 43

    When I bought my Glock 43, MOS versions were not yet out for it. It has been my desire to add a small micro red dot onto the Glock 43. While I could have it sent out to get optics cut, I decided to check out the Zaffiri slide. That way I could always put my Glock 43 back to stock if I wanted to. I had already been using their threaded barrel to mount a comp on the Glock 43.

    It was a simple process of transplanting the factory Glock 43 slide internals into the Zaffiri Precision Glock 43 slide.


    Zaffiri Precision Glock 43 slide next to factory Glock 43 slide.

    With the optics cover plate removed, you can see the recoil lugs and threaded holes for the SRC micro red dot.

    Zaffiri Precision – SRC – Micro Red Dot by Salvo Optics. The SRC is an aluminum bodied open reflex optical sight designed for concealed carry pistol applications. Features includes LED with up to 50k hours battery life, MotionOn™, and 2 minute Auto-Off. Built in Rear Sight to pair with OEM or standard height sights – no suppressor heights required. Can be paired with night sights. Designed with subtitle ZP and SRC logo on the sides for a more stealth appearance.

    This optic is ideal for G43 / G43x / G48 / Sig p365 – this is the SMALLER “Micro” Red Dot
    Works on the same footprint of Shield RMSc / Holosun 507k / Sig Romeo0

    ZP G43 / G43X / G48 / P365 slides all use a 6-32 thread pitch. Screws are provided with optic.
    Note: If mounting to a Hellcat you will need to purchase their M4 screws: Available Here

    Specifications from Manufacturer:
    Magnification: 1x
    Eye Relief: Unlimited
    Body: Anodized 7075 Aircraft grade aluminum
    Mount Type: RMSc footprint
    Mounting Screws: 6-32 thread pitch (Hellcat uses a M4 screw do not use 6-32 screw)
    Lens: Multi-coated Glass / Reflective and Glare free
    Magnification: 1x
    Illumination Source: LED
    Dot Size: 3 MOA Dot
    Dot Color: Red
    Power Settings: MotionOn™ and Auto-Off
    Light Setting: 8 Daylight, 2 Night Brightness levels
    Battery: CR2032 (included)
    Battery LIfe: Up to 50,000 Hours battery life (Setting 2)
    Mounting Screws: 6-32 thread pitch (Hellcat uses a M4 screw do not use 6-32 screw)

    The SRC micro red dot has a built-in rear iron sight that is machined into the housing but it is not adjustable.

    Zaffiri Precision Glock 43 slide

    Shooting The Zaffiri Precision Glock 43 Slide

    My friend Jerry brought his Glock 43X along. He went with a Norsso slide with a Holosun 507K micro red dot. If I didn’t get the SRC micro red dot, I would have gone with the Holosun as well. But after comparing them, I prefer the SRC. See the photo below. The SRC has a bigger window and thinner housing.

    I like how the SRC optic sits low enough that you can cowitness with factory iron sights.

    The Zaffiri Precision Glock 43 slide fits just fine on Jerry’s Glock 43X.

    Shooting the Glock 43 with a red dot is much nicer than irons or trying to use a laser in daylight. The muzzle comp does not do much for the 115 grain, so I may ditch it for a standard flush barrel. This is now my EDC CCW handgun of choice although I would like a 43X so I can use those sweet Shield Arms magazines and increase capacity. The Strike Industries mag extension helps but for a similar size, it only holds 8+1 rds.

    The Zaffiri Precision slide costs $269. But if you want it coated, it starts at an additional $30. The optics cut is only an additional $86. Of course, you could send in your factory Glock 43 slide to get cut for $125 and that includes a single color of your choice. If you want camo it costs more. Compared to the Norsso slide, the Zaffiri Precision is a bit cheaper for the same options. For more information check out their website.

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