The JOLSTER Federal and State Compliant Muzzleloading Holster

    The Jolster Federal and State Compliant Muzzleloading Holster

    Those of you in ban states can celebrate as there is a new concealed carry option now being made available to you that comes with its own blaster – the Jolster from Black Arch Holsters. The Jolster is an ambidextrous, Kydex open-ended holster that allows users to carry their jolt gun cocked with a round loaded in the muzzle. This holster bypasses H.R. 127 and H.R.8  and no background check or transfer fee is required! Huzzah!

    The Jolster Federal and State Compliant Muzzleloading Holster

    The JOLSTER Federal and State Compliant Muzzleloading Holster

    Are you feeling the strain from government overreach and gun control/legislation? Unable to find the gun you’re looking for or the ammo you need? Black Arch has you covered: introducing our newest holster, the Jolster! Made for the federally and state compliant muzzle loading Jolt Nerf gun*, this years April Fools Day holster is now actually available for purchase.

    Features include:

    • Ambidextrous design
    • IWB/OWB
    • Spare dart slot
    • Open ended so you can carry with one in the chamber
    • Adjustable retention
    • Multiple color options available
    • Designed for all day comfort
    • Bypass H.R. 127 and H.R. 8 – no background check or transfer fees required

    Includes one Nerf Jolt gun and two darts with every holster purchased.

    *Check your local laws and regulations before purchase – especially in California.

    The Jolster Federal and State Compliant Muzzleloading Holster

    All jokes aside, Black Arch Holsters does have a wide variety of IWB concealment holsters including their Protos-M which is a hybridized holster that combines a breathable backer with a Kydex pistol shell – great for all-day carrying comfort. Black Arch also sells holsters for those who like to appendix carry with their Entrada flexible appendix holster which features a spare magazine carrier.

    I think Black Arch also might be shipping their regular line of holsters to California and Massachusetts residents. Black Arch’s holsters fit everything from CZ, Glock, SIG, and Walther pistols so there is probably a holster that’ll fit your needs regardless of what you carry – even if that’s a Jolt Nerf Gun.

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