TFB Review: Swampfox Wolverine Optics Ready Glock Slides

    Swampfox Wolverine

    Last year Swampfox came out with their optics cut slide called the Wolverine. It is set up to fit their Liberty and Justice micro red dots. They sent Gen 3 and Gen 5 Swampfox Wolverine slides in for review along with Liberty and Justice micro red dots.

    Liberty And Justice For All

    The Liberty and Justice red dots are micro red dot sights designed to fit onto pistol slides. They are RMR footprint sights so you can use them on any slide that accepts the RMR pattern.

    Justice mounted directly to Swampfox Wolverine slide.

    Swampfox also included matching Ironsides Shields for both the Liberty and Justice red dots. The Ironsides Shield is a steel jacket that slips over the red dot and protects it from damage due to dropping the gun or racking the slide off hard objects.

    Liberty with Ironsides Shield on the left. Justice on the right.

    As you can see in the photo above, the Justice pistol red dot is wider than the Liberty. Liberty is 20mm wide while Justice is 27mm wide. Both the Liberty and Justice red dots are identical below the window. They have flush-mounted brightness buttons that also act as power buttons.

    You can see how the Ironsides Shield protrudes past the front face of the optic. It does this for both the Liberty and Shield red dot sights. This protects the optic from impacts and makes it safer for the optic when you push it against hard objects to rack the slide.

    The red dots feature a Shake ‘N Wake option to help save battery life. Swampfox claims they have a 4,000-hour battery life when set at medium brightness and utilizing the Shake ‘N Wake feature. The dots are 3 MOA. And for those who are concerned about holster issues, the Liberty and Justice red dots clear ALS style holster hoods.

    Swampfox Wolverine Slide

    Swampfox sent out their Wolverine slide for a Gen 3 Glock 19. Installation was easy. I took a donor Glock 19 and transplanted all the slide’s internals and barrel into the Wolverine slide.

    I tried then installed the completed Wolverine slide onto my Polymer 80 frame that I had built with the Ghost Gunner 3.

    I had some fail to eject and thus fail to feed malfunctions with the Polymer 80. If I used a stock Glock 19 slide and barrel the Polymer 80 frame worked just fine. But with the Wolverine slide would often get stove pipes. When I switched to a Glock 19 frame the Wolverine slide cycled just fine.

    To test the Polymer 80 fit, I tried the Swampfox Wolverine Gen3 slide on my friend Vic’s P80 frame. It still had issues.

    When I tried Vic’s G19 frame no problems.

    Swampfox Director of Business Development Miles McKinney told me that P80s sometimes need to be worked a bit to smoothen out the rails.

    Fortunately, Miles also sent me a brand new Gen 4 Swampfox Wolverine II slide. It features a Graphite black finish and mid-height iron sights. While I don’t have a Gen 4 Glock 19, I tried the Swampfox Wolverine II slide on my Glock 19X slide and it works perfectly.

    Swampfox also included a NineX barrel. They are partnering with NineX to sell their barrels along with their Swampfox Wolverine slides.

    The Swampfox Wolverine slides are aesthetic looking but the slide serrations are too smooth. I wish it had a more aggressive texture. However, it is not a deal-breaker since I find myself racking off the Liberty or Justice optics with Ironsides Shields.

    Swampfox Wolverine slides

    Gen 4 Wolverin II vs Gen 3 Wolverine

    Swampfox Wolverine II on Glock 45.

    The Swampfox Wolverine slides feature a forward-mounted rear iron sight. This protects the optic a bit if you rack the slide off the optic.

    The backup iron sights are tall enough to cowitness through the Liberty or Justice red dots.

    Swampfox Wolverine Final Thoughts

    The Wolverine slides retail for $349. They come with the tall iron sights and the front sight is fiber optic.

    Swampfox Wolverine slides take the guesswork out of putting an optic on your Glock build. There’s no need to worry about any compatibility issues—these 416 stainless, cerakoted slides were designed from the start to work perfectly with Swampfox Liberty, Justice, and Kingslayer optics. Combat cut, fiber optic full co-witness iron sights by Steel City Arsenal come pre-installed. Available for Gen 1-3 Glock 17 and 19 frames and Poly 80 builds, your custom dot-equipped pistol is easier to complete than ever before—with a little help from the Swampfox Wolverine.

    If you want a Liberty red dot along with your Wolverine slide, it comes out to $589 and $599 for a slide with a Justice red dot.

    Other than the slide serrations being too smooth, the Wolverine slides worked on Glock frames without issue. Between the Liberty and Justice, I prefer the larger window on the Justice. I especially like the Ironsides Shields that help protect the optics from impact. If you want to add an optic to your slide the Wolverine might be something you want to consider. For more information go to the Swampfox website.

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