POTD: FAMAS in the 126e Régiment d’Infanterie


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    Today we have various photos of the French FAMAS, which is going to be replaced by the Heckler & Koch HK416. These pictures are from the 126e Régiment d’Infanterie in France. According to the plan, the FAMAS is going to stay in service until 2028.

    Caption, machine-translated from French:

    TRAINING – The Griffons of the 4th Company have been training this week in urban combat in view of their upcoming participation in the Interim Camps of Applications Divisions (CIADA) at Cenzub 94th

    FAMAS rifle

    In small spaces, the compact size of the French FAMAS is great. It’s a bit of a shame there seems to be no new development in this segment, not by the French anyway.

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