New Book: “Born Ballistic” by Bob Nosler

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    Bob Nosler, CEO of Nosler Inc., has published an autobiography titled “Born Ballistic”. The new book continues the story started by Nosler Inc founder John A. Nosler in his “Going Ballistic: The Life and Adventures of John Nosler” book. The Born Ballistic book was written in collaboration with outdoor writer and TV host Gary Lewis who also helped John Nosler writing the Going Ballistic.

    The Nosler press release announcing the release of this book quotes Bob Nosler who said:

    Like my dad’s autobiography, Going Ballistic, Born Ballistic started out to be a simple collection of stories for future generations of Noslers to enjoy. One thing led to another and Born Ballistic became a sequel. I chose the title Born Ballistic because I was literally born into the Nosler Partition Bullet Company. Throughout my growing years, the conversation at the dinner table would always begin or end with something about shooting, hunting, bullet-making, or the price of copper. Hats off to Gary Lewis. It was his skill and imagination that brought this portion of my life into an autobiography.

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    Being an autobiography, the Born Ballistic book tells about Bob Nosler’s life from his childhood to the service in the US military and joining the family business where he served as a gunner, production manager, vice president, president and CEO. It also tells the story of the Nosler company and even about some memorable Nosler hunts. Within the 184 pages of the book, there are 80 photos that were never published before.

    The hardcover version of Bob Nosler’s “Born Ballistic” book costs $24.95. It is available through the Nosler website as well as on Amazon.

    I am looking forward to reading this book to learn more about one of the most iconic American ammunition manufacturers and the people behind it. That said, it’s probably a good idea to read John Nosler’s book first. Fortunately, it is available on Nosler’s website, too.

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