TFB Review: Kel-Tec SUB2000 Featureless Fin Grip Kit

    Last January, just after GunFest, James Reeves visited KelTec and Chad showed a new SUB2000 featureless kit. Well, it is out now and I bought it out to check it out. Let’s take a closer look.

    SUB2000 Featureless

    For those who have converted your SUB2000 to be featureless, you most likely had a Kydex wrap fin grip installed over the pistol grip.

    Photo by MCARBO

    A quick google search shows that many places charge $60 for a custom Kydex wrap fin grip for a SUB2000. Well, now you have a better option for the same price by KelTec.

    It was thanks to James’ video that I was aware of the KelTec SUB2000 Featureless Kit. For those who live in America, this may not interest you. However, for those who do live in California or other states where converting your rifle to be featureless is acceptable, I was curious how effective this fin grip could be. Chad Enos and James both mentioned in the video above how surprised they were with the effectiveness of the SUB2000 featureless fin grip.

    I’m curious what in here California thinks could cause cancer?

    Wrapping your thumb around this makes it more dangerous apparently so let’s fix that. (Sarcasm)

    The SUB2000 featureless kit comes with:

    • Fin grip
    • 4x longer screws
    • Allen key
    • Fixed stock

    I didn’t realize the fin grip would be ambidextrous. From the few Kydex wrap fin grips I have seen many of them are not ambidextrous. Another major feature of the KelTec SUB2000 featureless fin grip is the ambidextrous thumb paddles. It almost looks like a Cobra hood from a certain angle.

    KelTec also includes a “fixed” stock. Basically, it is the same as your factory stock with the LOP adjustment holes blocked off.

    From pictures online, I thought they simply did not drill out or mold the holes in the fixed stock. In reality, they just 3D printed plugs and glued them into the stock holes.

    The installation is rather easy. KelTec made a video to help you.

    In the video above, Chad instructs you to remove the collar from the back of the frame/receiver extension with a quarter twist. My SUB2000 has a smooth metal collar with indentations. I had to unscrew it from the receiver but was able to do it with my bare hands. A rubber strap wrench may be helpful if you can’t remove yours.

    Then you just slide the SUB2000 featureless fin grip over the buffer tube. Make sure you remove the four grip screws (two on each side).

    The SUB2000 featureless fin grip is form fitting to the newer style SUB2000. So if you have a Gen 1, this kit will not work for you.

    You need the longer screws to bolt the fin grip on.

    SUB2000 featureless fin grip installed

    The fixed stock is simple to install, just reinstall the receiver collar, charging handle and you can reinstall the stock, latch and pin.

    As Chad and James pointed out in the video at the top of this article, the thumb rest/paddles provide a nice solid point of contact for your shooting hand thumb.

    The only compromise is that it is difficult to press the safety off. You either have to roll the whole rifle over so your dominant thumb can reach over the top and press the safety, or you use your support hand thumb to press the safety off. In this instance, a rotating ambidextrous safety like an AR-15 would be better. Or if you could reverse the cross bolt safety so you push it to the left to disengage it.

    Since the SUB2000 fin grip is ambidextrous, this setup is actually better suited for a left-handed shooter. You can access fire controls without much shifting of your hand position.

    Pressing the magazine release is almost as bad. But you can simply shift your hand position and press the mag release with your middle finger.

    I shift my right hand forward and up a bit so my middle finger can press the magazine release. Of course, you could always use your support hand to engage the magazine release or use a higher capacity magazine if that is allowed in your state.

    SUB2000 Featureless Kit – Final Thoughts

    Most, if not all gun restrictions will cause you to vomit a little in the back of your throat. Moving out of said communities is much easier said than done. So for those of you who are stuck living where you are, the Keltec SUB2000 featureless kit may be an option for you. Kydex wraps are only held on to the grip via tension between two layers of Kydex and are not ambidextrous. The thumb rest/paddles allow you to have a rather solid grasp of the pistol grip. Engaging the safety is awkward but you can make it work. If you are interested in getting a featureless kit for your SUB2000, it is only $59.95 on KelTec’s website.

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