3D Printing Provides Hydration Weapon Attachment Solutions

    3D printing for tacti-cool beverages: the future is now.

    3D printing for tacti-cool beverages: the future is now.

    We all know the importance of proper hydration. H2O is a life-giving chemical compound, without which the human body can’t survive. It only takes a matter of days without new liquid hydrogen oxide intake for your organs to start failing. Death by dehydration is a gruesome way to go, and exacerbating factors like heat and physical activity or sweating can accelerate the problem. Any experienced shooter knows that if you’re going to an outdoor shooting range, taking a training class, going out on a hunt, or engaging in other active pursuits around the shooting sports, make sure to have plenty of water! But what if you want a different refreshing beverage, one that comes in a can or a bottle? Though alcohol and shooting are inadvisable (despite what you may have heard about family reunions/Christmas celebrations/children’s birthday parties in Texas), wouldn’t it be useful to quickly and conveniently access your favorite flavor of La Croix or pop the cap on a Topo Chico? Fortunately, thanks to the magic of 3D printing, the Etsy storefront PrintedLifeShop has some solutions for you.

    Depending on what's in that bottle, it might explain why the sights are installed backward.

    Depending on what’s in that bottle, it might explain why the sights are installed backward.

    At the time of this writing, the 3D printing magicians at PrintedLifeShop offer two items for sale. One is an under-barrel bottle opener. This small Picatinny rail-mounted piece comes in black color, and the product page features a short video clip of the opener working perfectly. Those range day root beer bottle caps won’t stand a chance. The second 3D printing beauty is a tacti-cool cup holder, offered in black or white and also designed to fit a Picatinny rail. The official product description reads thusly:

    You might have every attachment for your rifles but I bet you don’t have a cup holder!

    Handles recoil well. Two pieces. Fits soda can size drinks. Make it practical or make it a great gag gift for someone who has a lot of attachments!

    Please hydrate responsibly.

    Please hydrate responsibly.

    3D printing has given the firearms community so many gifts, but at only $14.99 apiece, these might just be some of the best. We have printed housings for bino NODs, suppressors, handgun frames and other gun parts, biathlon rifle stocks, and even some 40mm projectiles are in the works. However, can any of these hold your Fresca close at hand? Hell no. Look, you aren’t using most of that top rail space between your optic and forward accessories like iron sights, weapon lights, and IR laser/illuminators anyway. Why not go full ‘Merica and toss on a cup holder for your favorite frosty beverage? It would pair nicely with that sweet 3D printed Picatinny Chick-Fil-A sauce holder you’ve probably been contemplating. So… send it! See you at the range.

    Photos courtesy of PrintedLifeShop.
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