Cabot Guns 10 Year Anniversary Collection

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    In celebration of their 10th anniversary, Cabot Guns has released a new collection of deluxe 1911 pistols. Just like other Cabot pistols, each of the eight 10 Year Anniversary Collection guns is unique, however, what all these pistols have in common are the parts made of Damascus steel, a material that Cabot Guns extensively uses in creating their incredible handguns. The Damascus steel used in these pistols was supplied by some of the most renowned master blacksmiths like Robert Eggerling.

    Below you can find the pictures and manufacturer descriptions of all eight Cabot Guns 10 Year Anniversary Collection models. All pistols in this collection are chambered in .45 ACP. Many of these guns are one-off masterpieces.

    Impact ONE

    Cabot Guns 10 Year Anniversary Collection - Impact ONE (6)

    Impact ONE is a tribute to the connection of space and earth with the most elite Damascus slide ever imagined in the universe.  The meteor shower Damascus pattern by Robert Eggerling is an intermingling of carbon steel layers, Gibeon meteorite, and nickel in a custom loose-twist pattern.  The “start-and-stop” layers of nickel throughout the pattern are a tremendously difficult forging technique that simulates the look of a meteor shooting across the midnight sky.  The finish of the Damascus is an artisan heat treat that extracts the natural midnight blues and purples of the Damascus constituent metals. The sights are constructed from solid Gibeon meteorite and the trigger is an Eggerling Damascus in his signature mosaic pattern. The grips are custom made from Zhamanshin Meteorite Crater rock. This rock is formed by the extreme heat and pressures at the point of impact of a meteorite. A painstakingly arduous process stabilized this unique but fragile material into a rock and resin matrix that could be machined and finished into a truly unique set of grips.  Impact ONE is an astronomically unique pistol that tributes the pinpoint where a piece of space impacts Mother Earth.

    Tiger Stripe Damascus

    Cabot Guns 10 Year Anniversary Collection - Tiger Stripe Damascus (7)

    While the Lion is viewed as the King of the Jungle with its pride, the Tiger is universally accepted as the solitary predator that is pound-for-pound bolder, stronger, and the true Big Cat.  The Tiger Stripe Damascus Pistol shares this predator spirit with a slide and grips constructed from Robert Eggerling artisan forged carbon steel Damascus that masterfully exhibits a bold tiger-stripe primary pattern and a delicate underlying micropattern texture.  Such patterning is only created through the hands of a Master Blacksmith with techniques that are clearly the Big Cat of the Damascus world. The frame is artfully machined to tolerance from stainless steel Damascus in a traditional wild pattern.  Final adornments include control components finished in a custom Tiger-Copper PVD, an Eggerling mosaic Damascus trigger, and a genuine Diamond front sight.  The Tiger Stripe Damascus is a one-of-a-kind Damascus steel wonder that is pound for pound the true Big Cat in any collection of art or firearms.

    Eggerling Blues Damascus

    Cabot Guns 10 Year Anniversary Collection - Eggerling Blues Damascus (1)

    The Blues Damascus features a twist pattern that is iconically from Eggerling.  The way he causes the different layers of steel to be turned in such a way that the design starts and stops within a single layer is a true testament to Eggerling’s talent as a blacksmith.  The slide has been etched, followed by blueing and then the highs have been polished and heat-treated to bring out color from the chemical composition of the steel.  Blue Gibeon Meteorite adorns the slide in the form of front and rear sights, and the trigger is from the same billet as the original Mosaic Damascus Pistols.  The grips are truly one of a kind, made from some of the largest samples of Pietersite we have ever encountered.    Cabot Blue pins and screws and a Diamond-Like Carbon frame and small parts set the Eggerling Blues Damascus apart from the rest.

    The Art of Metal

    Cabot Guns 10 Year Anniversary Collection - The Art of Metal (1)

    Only a few years ago it was thought to be impossible to own a pistol with Damascus steels crafted by Master Metal Artists Jason Morrissey or Robert Eggerling, the two titans of this medium.  The Art of Metal is the first pistol constructed from Damascus steel from both of these Legends.  But the pistol does not end there. 4.5 billion year old meteorite was employed for the trigger, and front and rear sights. The curve of the face of the trigger is the natural exterior surface of the meteorite known as the regmaglypts formed by vortices of hot gases as it entered the earth’s atmosphere at unfathomable temperature, perhaps the ultimate heat treatment.  A Cabot Blue PVD distinguishes the slide.  Simply put, this pistol is a consolidation of metals by both the gods and man.

    Neuron Damascus

    Cabot Guns 10 Year Anniversary Collection - Neuron Damascus (1)

    The mastery of craft, a lifetime of refinement of skill and perfection of technique.  The intricate and exquisite pattern is unlike anything we have seen before. Built from hand forged Damascus from metal artist Robert Eggerling, the pattern of the Neuron Damascus is reminiscent of the neural network of the brain. Indeed, I have described Eggerling’s work as his brain in steel and like Pollock to paint, Eggerling is an original and each piece of work a wonderment of technique, layers and imagination.  Flickering blues hidden within emerged in the finishing process to provide a special flicker of understated style. The piece is simply breathtaking.  Chambered in .45 ACP and detailed with a diamond front sight.  The Neuron Damascus pistol, serialized NEURON-001 is a one-of-a-kind and the world will never see another just like it.

    Relic Damascus

    Cabot Guns 10 Year Anniversary Collection - Relic Damascus (6)

    Manufacturing is often dependent upon the reliability of known materials and the consistency of repeatable techniques. However, when collaborating with the inimitable Robert Eggerling, we are frequently tested by materials that take us outside of our comfort zones and require us to bend to their demands. In the case of Relic Damascus, we were unsure of where we were headed but knew the journey would be worth it in the end. After multiple attempts to finish with more conventional methods, we saw the true potential of the material come to life using old-world techniques that embraced its rustic nature. Reptilian textures and mysterious earth tones were hidden below the polished surface, none of which could be ignored. All steel parts were treated in-house with our relic patina to accent the Damascus features. What resulted is an exercise in both restraint and courage by a team of curious craftsmen.

    Custom Damascus Target 1911

    Cabot Guns 10 Year Anniversary Collection - Custom Damascus Target 1911 (1)

    This one-off custom 1911 was crafted with a carbon Damascus slide made from hammer-forged carbon Damascus steel commissioned from Pennsylvania Blacksmith Rob “Deker” Dekelbaum, a renowned bladesmith widely known from History’s Channel, Forged in Fire.  We envisioned the owner of this 1911 using it frequently, and thus we added our new Red Dot Sight mount, a Trijicon SRO, and extended mag well to help with target acquisition and magazine changes. The lower was also crafted in-house from a block of American stainless steel.

    Beskar Damascus

    Cabot Guns 10 Year Anniversary Collection - Beskar Damascus (1)

    In a nod to pop culture, the Beskar Damascus is a truly one-of-a-kind pistol with a pattern forged slide that was worked to imitate the look of the Mandalorian Steel.  Like the fictional material it emulates, Damascus steel has been used to forge weapons for millennia due to its superior durability and strength.  The grips on the Beskar are a one-of-a-kind piece in themselves as they are elder wood inlaid with meteorite chips suspended in resin.  This pistol is finished off with a diamond front sight…. the one thing tougher than Beskar steel. This is the way.

    To find more and higher resolution images and videos of Cabot Guns 10 Year Anniversary Collection pistols, visit the page of Cabot Guns website dedicated to this collection.

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