Resurrecting the Fliegerfaust Multi-Barreled Rocket Launcher

    Resurrecting the Fligerfaust Multi-Barreled Rocket Launcher

    Jonathan Wild is back at it again with his latest DIY rocket launcher project. The design once again hailing from Germany but not quite as well known is the Fliegerfaust multi-barreled surface-to-air rocket launcher. This obscure piece of explosives technology never saw widespread use even though over 10,000 units were ordered. This time Jonathan Plans to bring the long-forgotten piece back to life in modern home-brewed fashion along with an accompanying book much like his previous project involving the Panzerfaust.

    Resurrecting the Fliegerfaust Multi-Barreled Rocket Launcher

    Wild Arms Research and Development is building a functional clone of the fliegerfaust for its second publication/book.

    The design will use gyrojet inspired rockets, and electric ignition system in order to create a realistic firing sequence like the original. This weapon is a registered destructive device that is a volley fire weapon. We are looking at using an insert to allow the rocket to hold a 20mm Vulcan projectile, or a 14.5mm artillery simulator for added effect during firing.

    The book will cover the history, design of the weapon and construction of this reproduction model. With advancements in technology, and with the desire to build more awareness, some parts were Metal 3d printed. Given the design it may be possible that these metal 3d printed parts we designed could be made of 3d printed plastic parts too or made with conventional tools. However since we want to recreate  the original look and feel of the design we went will a full metal design.

    Resurrecting the Fligerfaust Multi-Barreled Rocket Launcher

    I recently started working Tornado Technologies who is now providing technical and machining support for this project to ensure a safer and higher quality build is done. Some aspects of the original design needed to be changed in order to keep compliant with ATF regulations. This won’t be a 1 for 1 exact build of the original design but will be a close representation of the core premise of a 9 shot electronically fired rocket launcher with similar ergonomics.

    Drawings provided are early drafts that will be modified for the final made design for book & video.

    With enough interest from the community, and success of future test firing. Parts could potentially be made in limited quantities for those that would want a similar build on a form 1 destructive device. No official plan has been made or released on this idea yet.

    Keep an eye on this space as progress is being made on this project. If you want to keep an even closer eye on this project, you can follow Jonathan over on Instagram here.

    Resurrecting the Fligerfaust Multi-Barreled Rocket Launcher

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