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    While sometimes the process of cleaning our guns can be quite cathartic, at other times it can be a chore. Especially if you’re an armourer cleaning dozens of guns at a time regularly. Infante, a New Jersey-based company that specialises in ultrasonic firearms cleaning, explains their technology.

    Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner P60 (Infante)

    Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner S6 (Infante)

    Today, shooters or armorers strip down the firearms they have to clean and complete the task by hand.

    This is time consuming, even if the shooter is only cleaning one gun, never mind the armorer who may have to deal with a large volume of firearms. Infante™ has revolutionized gun cleaning by employing ultrasonic technology with a tried-and-true process. This is very similar to the technology used to thoroughly clean heavy-duty automotive parts or delicate medical components. Ultrasonic cleaning only requires the piece be field-stripped, placed into the basket in the tank and in minutes comes out much cleaner than having detail stripped and laboriously cleaned by hand. Patented frequency-tuned generators convert electrical energy to sound waves tuned specifically to the proper frequency which, in turn, not only deep cleans firearms, but also cleans thoroughly. Infante was the first ultrasonic gun cleaner to determine which frequencies work best for firearms and their units, making them the fastest and most effective firearms cleaners on the market!

    Infante developed Sonic Tonic™, a biodegradable, non-hazardous ultrasonic gun cleaning solution. It is more efficient than the harsher chemicals because it was developed with the environment, shooter safety and effective ultrasonic gun parts cleaning in mind. Infante’s Sonic Lube™ is a moisture displacing gun parts metal protectant. Ultrasonic lubrication is a required part of the Infante gun cleaning process that uses the tanks ultrasonic energy to displace trapped moisture that may remain from the gun cleaning process and leaves a light protective shield on the gun parts. Both are Prop 65 compliant.

    Infante Ultrasonics is the only ultrasonic manufacturer in the world that focuses 100% on ultrasonic firearm cleaners, leading the industry in technology, design, process, and safety. From individual shooters, gunsmiths, gun manufacturers, and law enforcement agencies through all branches of the federal government and armed forces, Infante® ultrasonic gun cleaners significantly reduce time spent cleaning guns, restore firearms back to factory new cleanliness and eliminates body exposure to harsh cleaning chemicals that have been known to cause health risks.

    Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner S9 (Infante)

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