POTD: German Sniper with G22A2 Rifle

    Photo Of The Day – Germany commissioned 780 pieces of their Gewehr 22 (Rifle) to be converted to the G22A2. Originally these were AI AWM-F (AI-Arctic Warfare Magnum) chambered in .300 Winchester Magnum (7.62 × 67 mm), but the A2 version got the new stock of the AX series.

    Furthermore, the color was changed to “AI Pale Brown“, and they added Picatinny attachments around the free floating barrel for a more modular approach. The upgrade also included a new riflescope. Steiner Military 5-25×56 with the TReMoR3 reticle became the choice. This setup is also used on the German sniper rifle G29.

    The sniper above is from the German Panzergrenadierbataillon 371, training at the Klietz military training area.
    Here’s the translated caption from the Bundeswehr’s Instagram channel:

    The snipers of the # Panzergrenadierbataillon371 from Marienberg practice shooting at great distances. With the G22A2, soldiers are able to attack targets up to a distance of 1,100 meters. Before the first shot breaks, the shooters and their spotters must take into account the humidity, altitude, temperature and wind, and make the correct settings on the rifle scope. True to the motto: “Slow is precise and precise is fast” – this is how enemy targets can be successfully fought with a first-shot hit.