POTD: Engravings By Damir

    Engravings by Damir

    Photo Of The Day and we’re going to take a look at Engravings By Damir in a series of photos. Damir started working with wood carving in 1996 and worked as a maker of gunstocks and an engraver of wood until about 2003 when he started engraving metal instead. Damir then met Stanley Stoltz, a world-renowned engraver, who showed some basic methods, which Damir has since adapted and developed to his own style.

    In connection with this, Damir met Giulio Timpini (who is Beretta’s master engraver if I understand correctly) at an arms fair in Stockholm, Sweden, and Giulio showed him the Italian engraving style called bulino. To learn more about bulino and develop as an engraver, Damir traveled to Italy and met Firmo Fracassi and Dario Cortini (both master engravers) who showed their self-developed tools and explained some of their methods.

    Since then, Damir has spent 15 years developing his own tools and his own engraving style, a very deep variant of bulino that gives Damir’s engravings an incredible depth. The engraved animals feel very alive, it’s no longer just an image of an animal.

    A closer look at the photo above.

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    Today, Damir works as a freelance engraver and takes large and small jobs to get as broad a skills as possible. In the long run, the plan is to start his own school and start teaching his technique passing on the knowledge.

    You can find Engravings By Damir on Instagram here.

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