POTD: AH-64 Apache Ship Gunnery

    AH-64 Apache

    I really wish this Photo Of The Day came with sound. Hearing both the 30 mm cannon and rotors of the AH-64 Apache working together would be quite something. Apart from the M230 Chain Gun, there are four pylon stations on the stub wings, where a variety of weapons can be mounted depending on the mission.

    The 30 mm M230 Chain Gun has 1,200 rounds on-board. The M230 is classified as an “Area Weapon System”, and uses a 2 hp (1.5 kW) electric motor to work.

    Caption, from the 7th Army Training Command U.S. Army Europe:

    Chief Warrant Officer 2 Jacqueline Paszkiewicz and Chief Warrant Officer 2 Doug Carr of A Co, 1-3rd Attack Reconnaissance Battalion, 12th Combat Aviation Brigade expertly completed their individual ship gunnery tables at Grafenwöhr Training Area on Feb. 27, 2020.

    All pictures are taken by Alexander Klingelhöller.

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