nP Technology Lead-Free Frangible Projectiles for Reloaders

    nP Technology Lead-Free Frangible Projectiles for Reloaders

    Frangible ammunition has been around for quite some time but many frangible ammunitions currently produced still have some amount of material that occasionally retains its weight and can come back to harm the shooter or bystanders. nP Technology has created a new customizable lead-free frangible ammunition that has no splash back on steel targets even when fired at extremely close range.

    nP Technology Lead-Free Frangible Projectiles for Reloaders

    Our innovative lead free nanomaterial composite materials combined with the production advantages of the molding process allows us to develop and produce superior quality projectiles.

    The nP Technology projectile delivers unsurpassed quality that extends the life of your steel, your barrels and your range. This is also an ideal projectile for Bowling Pin Matches.

    Accuracy and energy on target are not compromised. Our projectiles provide genuine “train with what you carry” experience. Shooters can hit targets out to distance or up close without configuration changes.

    nP Technology Lead-Free Frangible Projectiles for Reloaders

      • Environmentally safe…built from 100% LEAD-FREE materials
    • Easy to adopt…molded ready-to-load
    • Easy to adopt…compatible with COTS high speed loaders
    • Easy to adopt…compatible with brass, steel, aluminum, or polymer cases
    • High Performance…accurate and repeatable
    • Rapid Time-To-Market…custom bullet designs available in < 30-days
    • Market Differentiation…customizable performance, such as fragmenting, armor-piercing, reduced-range, reduced penetration, and breaching

    During a demonstration I was able to participate in, I saw not only handgun calibers being used at extremely close range but also rifle calibers as well. What is even more impressive is that nP Technology has been able to scale their projectiles all the way up to a 1095 grain .50 BMG bullet that is both capable of surviving launch from the barrel and still avoiding any projectile splashback.

    nP Technology has projectiles in many grain weights for 9mm, .380 ACP, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, 5.56/.223, .308/7.62mm, .50/12.7mm, and even buckshot. All of the ammo is frangible and lead-free so even reloaders in the ever more restrictive European Union which is attempting to outright ban lead ammunition can use it.

    nP Technology Lead-Free Frangible Projectiles for Reloaders

    I spoke to Managing Director Robert Folaron about the pricing on their projectiles and with large enough order numbers, Robert says their projectiles can bring production costs of completely lead-free ammunition down to within 15% of commonly available lead ammunition. This means that departments who want or need frangible ammunition for close-range training could more easily switch to this safer, less environmentally harmful ammunition.

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