Viridian Weapon Tech at the Ready with Ruger MAX-9 Lasers

    Viridian Weapon Tech at the Ready with Ruger MAX-9 Lasers

    Ruger has just recently released the MAX-9 micro-compact pistol and no doubt people who will be starting to get them into their hands are going to want to kit them up to suit their exact preferences. Viridian Weapon Tech has released Ruger MAX-9 Lasers from their E-Series on the heels of the pistol’s introduction. There will be both green and red lasers ready to ship from Viridian and each laser is intended for everyday carry purposes. The Ruger MAX-9 Lasers will be sold at $132 for the Red and $149 for the Green. Both Lasers feature a battery-preserving 5-minute auto-off feature.

    (At the time of writing images were not made available for the red laser models.

    Viridian Weapon Tech at the Ready with Ruger MAX-9 Lasers

    Viridian Weapon Tech at the Ready with Ruger MAX-9 Lasers

    INNEAPOLIS, Minn. – March 16, 2021 – Viridian Weapon Technologies is proud to announce new green and red E-Series™ laser sights for the new Ruger MAX-9™. Ruger’s new sub-compact 9mm is ideal for every day carry, and the new E-Series lasers add to the MAX-9’s functionality by speeding up target acquisition.

    “Viridian is pleased to work with Ruger to bring these new lasers to those who want to add to the MAX-9’s functionality,” said Viridian President and CEO Brian Hedeen. “The E-Series lasers are available in both red and green providing a full range of options for those who rely on the speed of a laser to cut down time-to-target. The MAX-9 is a dynamic new pistol, and Viridian’s E-Series laser is the perfect addition.”

    Viridian, one of the world’s largest independent providers of weapon-mounted technology, specializes in versatile gun-specific lasers. The E-Series green and red laser sights for the Ruger MAX-9 are the most recent additions to a deep line of Ruger pairings. The red E-Series laser is perfect for low-light shooting. The green E-Series laser is visible at up to 100 yards in daylight and at over two miles at night.

    The E-Series laser sights mount to the trigger guard and feature an ambidextrous on/off button with a 5-minute auto shut off to preserve battery life.

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    Viridian Weapon Tech at the Ready with Ruger MAX-9 Lasers

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