New Carbon Fiber Barrel Blanks from Helix 6 Precision

    New Carbon Fiber Barrel Blanks from Helix 6 Precision

    Helix 6 Precision makes some of the best carbon fiber rifle barrels at a match grade level. Helix 6 has just delivered several options for precision rifle shooters in the way of new carbon fiber-wrapped barrel blanks. With these new options, you can fit a match-grade wrapped carbon fiber barrel into almost any action on the market.

    New Carbon Fiber Barrel Blanks from Helix 6 Precision

    New Carbon Fiber Barrel Blanks from Helix 6 Precision

    Helix 6 Precision’s carbon fiber barrel blank ready to be fit to your rifle by your gunsmith professional. These barrels feature hand lapped button rifled 416R Stainless steel cores. Wrapped in carbon fiber using our proprietary process. Capable of your highest demand in accuracy and performance.

    At Helix 6 Precision, we build the world’s finest carbon fiber rifle barrels using only premium materials. Creating a match grade barrel involves much more than just wrapping carbon fiber around a steel core. Our proprietary carbon fiber layup design dampens barrel harmonics for outstanding accuracy. We’re always pushing the limits of innovation, quality, and design. As a result, Helix 6 Precision barrels are lighter, stronger, and faster cooling than anything else available on the market. Our barrels are proudly 100% made in the USA.

    In the heart of every Helix 6 Precision barrel is a match-grade 416R stainless steel core-an an advanced, corrosion-resistant steel alloy-ideal for making precision rifle barrels. Each barrel is hand-lapped, improving accuracy while minimizing fouling. We build barrels with extremely tight tolerances, and each one must pass a rigorous inspection before leaving our facilities.

    Choose from one of the many popular long-range calibers from .224 to .338. Self-installation is easy using a pre-fit Savage or Ruger Precision Rifle barrel while carbon fiber barrel blanks are ready to chamber and fit by your gunsmith professional for any rifle system. If you need a one-off custom barrel in any caliber, twist, or contour, Helix 6 Precision makes them, too. If you can dream it, Helix 6 can build it.

    Barrel blanks are a great way to get an extra level of precision out of your rifle rig. A cut above standard factory barrels, Helix 6 is now offering barrel blanks for nearly every precision rifle caliber currently on the market. For a full listing of available calibers visit the Helix 6 Precision website.

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