Custom Smith MFG Chassis For Ruger-57

    Michael Bonamico of Custom Smith MFG has posted up some teaser pics of his latest creation. If you recall, Custom Smith MFG makes 3D printed accessories for various firearms. I reviewed some of his MP5  accessories. Most of his accessories are brace/stock adapters as well as a variety of VFGs and AFGs for said firearms. Now Michael is making his first Custom Smith MFG chassis for the Ruger-57.

    Even though I own a Ruger-57, it never dawned on me that the serialized part is the trigger module somewhat like a P320. Michael Bonamico figured this out and has apparently designed a new lower for the Ruger-57. His Custom Smith MFG Chassis replaces the polymer frame of the Ruger-57.

    Custom Smith MFG Chassis

    Photo by Custom Smith MFG

    You can see in the photo above that there is a charging handle to rack the slide.

    Photo by Custom Smith MFG

    The top cover comes off giving you access to the slide. You can see the charging handle here. I think it bolts where the optic plate would be.

    Photo by Custom Smith MFG

    Photo by Custom Smith MFG

    Since the Ruger-57 is so long, the barrel goes all the way to the end of the Custom Smith MFG chassis.

    Photo by Custom Smith MFG

    I briefly reached out to Michael Bonamico about his Custom Smith MFG chassis. At the moment he does not have a price set. But he hopes to have it soon. I would like to see the top cover styled more like an H&K MP7. It is not practical but it is something I would like to see as I am sure many others want an MP7 styled firearm that shoots 5.7x28mm.

    Here is a video he posted on Instagram.

    I am excited to see a chassis system for the Ruger-57 regardless of ammo scarcity. His MP-57 should be a hit. He says he is two months away from releasing it for sale. Right now he is trying to solve some minor issues like the mag won’t drop free yet. However, I would like to point out that guns like the Kel-Tec CP33 and PMR-30/CMR-30 are very popular and yet those mags do not drop free either.

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