The Sexy Six Shooter That’s Superior to a Snub: Taurus 856 Defender Review

    In this episode of TFBTV, Hop reviews the new Taurus Model 856 Defender and compares it to the venerable Model 85 snub, and James’ haggard old EAA Windicator. The 856 Defender boasts a full three-finger grip, a six-shot .38 Special cylinder, and a 3″ barrel, as well as factory tritium night sights. How does it compare to a pocket-sized snubnose? Let’s find out.

    Taurus 856 Defender Stats:
    Caliber: .38 Special +P
    Capacity: 6 rounds
    Barrel Length: 3.0″
    Length: 7.5″
    Height: 4.8″
    Width: 1.4″
    Weight: 25.5 oz
    MSRP: $454.50 (version reviewed)

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    Taurus Model 85 UltraLite
    Taurus Model 856 Defender
    EAA Windicator


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