Introducing The Mute Polymer 3D Printed Suppressor

    Introducing The Mute Polymer 3D Printed Suppressor

    The Mute is a proprietary polymer constructed suppressor that is claiming to have superior characteristics to currently available off-the-shelf suppressors. The Mute claims to be a self thermal regulating suppressor that not only quiets the noise of your shots but also reduces blowback and decreases heat mirage let off by the suppressor.

    Introducing The Mute Polymer 3D Printed Suppressor

    Introducing The Mute Polymer 3D Printed Suppressor

    The Mute integrates self-thermal regulation via the Thermal Shroud function that regulates heat for less mirage and reduced muzzle rise, recoil, and sound compared to an unsuppressed weapon.

    Our proprietary D28 material and next-gen unibody construction methods deliver the highest level in all details and ensure best-in-class performance.

    I’m quite impressed with the fact that their .22LR model suppressor weighs in at only 2.5oz. The 5.56 variant of the Mute weighs in at just over 11.4 oz. The mute is currently on sale for $599 for introductory pricing which is expected to last until May 31st.

    Introducing The Mute Polymer 3D Printed Suppressor

    The Mute 5.56

    • CALIBER: 556
    • MODEL: F4-M556
    • LENGTH: 7.89in
    • WEIGHT: 11.4 oz
    • DIAMETER: 2.15 in
    • DB: 119
    • MATERIAL: D28
    • Available in 1/2×28 and 5/8×24

    Introducing The Mute Polymer 3D Printed Suppressor

    The Mute 22LR

    • CALIBER: 22 LR
    • MODEL: F4 -M22
    • LENGTH: 5 in
    • WEIGHT: 2.5 oz
    • DIAMETER: 1 in
    • DB: 108
    • MATERIAL: D28
    • available in 1/2×28

    The self-thermal regulating aspect of the suppressor’s design is quite interesting as it would provide the end-user with a safer device to use (cool to the touch) and also reduce any heat mirage produced by the suppressor.

    My biggest question in regards to this particular design is the proprietary D28 polymer material. Polymers aren’t well known for holding up to repeated high pressures or temperatures and 5.56 ammunition isn’t exactly the least aggressive cartridge currently on the market.

    Introducing The Mute Polymer 3D Printed Suppressor

    I could see this design working out perfectly well in the .22LR configuration as well as the 9mm offers. However, I will have to see some more testing done on the rifle caliber models to see if they stand the test of time. After all, a suppressor is more than just its initial investment and that $200 tax stamp doesn’t come with a warranty or a refund if your suppressor is damaged beyond repair.

    At the time of writing, The Mute is available in 22LR and 5.56 only. Eventually, .30 and.45 caliber versions of the Mute will be made available sometime in the future. I’m sure at some point down the road we will inevitably see one of these featured on Silencer Saturday.

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