POTD: Toyota Tacoma Truck Vault & Saint Victor Rifle

    Protection from theft for peace of mind – it’s unfortunate but today there’s a need to protect what’s yours from thieves. Cars are probably more vulnerable than anything, and here’s a suggestion to keep firearms and other valuable in the right hands. That’s the subject for our Photo Of The Day.

    Here we can see one solution, the Truck Vault mounted on a Toyota TACOMA.

    Here’s what TruckVault say about their products for pickups:

    Regardless of your pickup bed size and length we make a TruckVaultĀ® storage system that will not only organize, but protect and secure your gear from the elements and thieves. We have designed numerous models both for covered and uncovered pickups that fit and conform to your bed dimensions and are available in all three Standard, Utility and Magnum height versions. Covered Bed Line carpeted units are designed for pickups with toppers and feature heavy duty locks, full length locking drawers and a divider package that helps you organize your stored items efficiently.

    Recently TFB’s did a review which could be of interest: SnapSafe Under Bed Safe As An SUV/CAR Safe. Surprise – another Toyota!

    Or you could just buy a “tank” and drive around in: The Rezvani Tank -Tactical Urban Vehicle.

    The rifle is a Springfield Armory Saint Victor.

    You can find Truck Vault here: https://truckvault.com/

    All photos are taken by Jeremy Tremp and his crew at Offensive Marketing Group,Ā used with permission.