Zombie Hans Gruber Wants His P7 Back, Offers Nearly $10M

    While browsing through Gunbroker.com the TFB staff came across a curious-looking auction. Since we are always on the hunt for anything Die Hard (aka a Christmas movie) related, H&K P7 pistols (especially the M13 variants) are always a saved search. However, to our dismay when we came across this particular listing, it was going for 7 figures already. It seems that despite their normal going rate of around $2,000-$2,500 this particular P7 is highly desired either by Hans Gruber’s Zombie persona or maybe just a bunch of trolls.

    Zombie Hans Gruber Wants His P7 Back, Offers Nearly $10M

    Zombie Hans Gruber Wants His P7 Back, Offers Nearly $10M

    According to the auction listing, the first bid was made on the 4th of March 2021 at 12:00 AM eastern – presumably at the opening bid price of $2,150.00 – not a bad price for a P7 M13. However, after several normal-looking bids by users with A or A+ feedback ratings, several bids came in all at once from one specific user with a very low feedback amount which was quickly followed up over the next several days by almost 60 bids driving the price of the P7 up to over $9 Million at the time of writing.

    Zombie Hans Gruber Wants His P7 Back, Offers Nearly $10M

    Gunbroker has a very strict policy regarding placing bids on items basically agreeing to pay for the item at the bid price – more or less a contract.

    Buyers’ Rules

    1. Bidding. If you place a bid on an Item it is an irrevocable offer to buy the Item at the price in the bid. If you place the winning bid, you have a binding legal agreement with the Seller to buy the Item at the winning bid price on the terms in the Item Listing and according to these Site Rules. You must resolve any questions you have about the Item by contacting the Seller of the Item before placing a bid. Do not place a bid until you are sure that you understand what you are bidding on and, if necessary, after you have received answers to any questions you have from the Seller.

    Once a bid is placed, you may not cancel or retract the bid without the permission of the Seller. The Seller is not obligated to grant permission to retract or cancel a bid, and this Site will not request permission from the Seller for a bid retraction or cancellation on your behalf. Any bid cancellation must be worked out between bidder and Seller without assistance from the Site.

    Zombie Hans Gruber Wants His P7 Back, Offers Nearly $10M

    Obviously, the outlandish price of this P7 can’t be serious and there are a couple key points that point to this listing possibly not being genuine and it all starts with the seller’s feedback. When we first discovered the listing the seller had an NR or “Not Rated” attachment to their feedback profile which means that the person has most likely done zero buying or selling on the site. The bids we are seeing at this inflated multi-million dollar price are likely “troll” bids to poke fun at the seller. Now at the time of writing the seller has one piece of feedback giving him an “F” rating.

    Zombie Hans Gruber Wants His P7 Back, Offers Nearly $10M

    Note that this user who left this feedback is also one that placed several bids at high dollar amounts.

    While no one is likely to get paid for the winning bid, the seller will still be stuck with the listing fees for the pistol. This type of troll bidding isn’t unheard of on Gunbroker.com, I have seen several posts in the past several weeks from low feedback sellers that seem to be going for much higher prices than they would even when you’re considering the inflated pricing on guns and ammo we’re seeing right now.

    As a final note, if you’re ever curious about buying guns or ammo online using Gunbroker, I posted a quick guide on how to use the website here. I also posted a quick guide to avoiding scams when purchasing ammunition online here. In this case, I think we can sit back and laugh at the absurdity of an already pricey P7 being bid up to nearly $10 million. That or maybe Zombie Hans Gruber really wants his pistol back.

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