Shorten Your KP-15 Lower with Echo Nine Three Custom

    Shorten Your KP-15 Lower with Echo Nine Three Custom

    I recently received one of two of my KP-15’s and one of the first things I noticed is that the new polymer lower is far and away one of the most (if not the most) sturdy polymer lowers I’ve ever encountered. Many of you who have seen them in person will note however that the length of the fixed stock is more towards the long side (nearly identical to an A2 stock). However, if you’re looking to have your KP-15 lower shortened, Echo Nine Three Custom is the only gunsmith currently authorized by KE Arms to shorten the KP-15 buttstocks.

    Photo: KE Arms

    Shorten Your KP-15 Lower with Echo Nine Three Custom

    If you’ve received a KP-15 lower already you’ll know that there is a bit of documentation that came with your lower that tells you the different ways that you can void your warranty by messing with it. Most assuredly, shortening the stock to accommodate for a shorter length of pull would be one of those things – that is unless the guys at Echo Nine Three Custom did it.

    Since this is a newer lower and the long-lasting durability of these lowers is still unknown, if you do plan on shortening the stock of your lower it might be a good idea to keep your warranty intact. I’m not the handiest (or most patient) guy when it comes to modifying my own firearms so if I were to do it Echo Nine Three would be the way I would go.

    The buffer tube on the inside of the KP-15 stock is meant to accept a carbine length buffer and spring and therefore there is room to shorten the stock. In place of the KP-15 butt pad that came with your lower, a new one will be used to accommodate the reduced buttpad area.

    If you’re interested in taking advantage of this service then you can send in your KP-15 lower and have it modified for $80.00 or purchase a complete shortened lower for $160.00.

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