Montana Constitutional Carry Bill Has Been Signed into Law

    Montana Constitutional Carry Bill Has Been Signed into Law

    According to the Montana Free Press, as of February 18th, 2021, Montana’s House Bill 102 would allow state citizens to carry a concealed firearm without a permit. The bill clearly specifies that Montana’s citizens may (beginning June 1st, 2021) carry concealed firearms in public places like bars, restaurants, banks, parks, etc, while still giving private property owners the ability to prohibit the carrying of arms on their property. Montana now joins the ranks with 17 other states which allow for the permitless carrying of firearms.

    Montana Constitutional Carry Bill Has Been Signed into Law

    Gov. Greg Gianforte at a bill signing ceremony for House Bill 102 on Thursday, Feb. 18, 2021. Credit: Eric Dietrich/MTFP

    Our Second Amendment is very clear: The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed,” Gianforte said at a bill signing ceremony Thursday afternoon. “Every law-abiding Montanan should be able to defend themselves and their loved ones.

    Criminals don’t care about safe zones or gun free zones. Gun control measures don’t prevent criminals from perpetuating violence and other crime. Gun control measures step on the rights of law-abiding citizens,

    Good to finally see some common sense coming out of elected representatives. Montana is a fairly gun-friendly state so it was a bit of a surprise to me when I found out they had yet to adopt a constitutional carry law. Despite the bill being passed along party lines, it was a few initial opponents to the bill who actually made the difference that allowed it to pass.

    Montana Constitutional Carry Bill Has Been Signed into Law

    A student leaves the Strand Union Building on a sunny Thursday afternoon, Feb. 18, 2021, at Montana State University.
    Rachel Leathe/Chronicle

    Supporters of the bill have pointed out (correctly in my opinion) that the bill creates a single standard for the state of Montana to follow. The bill would have been signed into law earlier if it had not been for some opposition by the Board of Regents who wanted the bill amended so that University campuses could maintain the ability to restrict the possession of firearms at sporting events and require basic safety training for campus carry.

    HB 102: Generally revise Gun Laws

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