RECALL NOTICE: Desert Tech Issues Immediate Recall on SRS Strikers

    RECALL NOTICE: Desert Tech Issues Immediate Recall on SRS Strikers

    Desert Tech has issued an immediate recall on SRS rifles in regards to strikers made between December 8th and March 5th. The recall notice was published on March 1st and states that a mistake in the manufacturing process of their striker for the SRS rifle could cause strikers to break when used. The full recall notice is posted below.

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    Desert Tech Issues Immediate Recall on SRS Strikers

    Dear Desert Tech Customers and Dealer Partners,

    We were recently made aware of a heat treat issue with our SRS strikers. There was a batch of strikers that were heat treated beyond the standard certification making them brittle. This could result in your striker breaking. The striker is located inside the bolt body of your bolt assembly. This is a safety concer, and we are issuing an immediate recall on parts from that batch.

    If you received or purchased an SRS rifle, conversion kit , or bolt between December 8th, 2020 and now, please contact our warranty department by emailing [email protected] for immediate replacement. Parts, labor, and shipping costs will be covered by Desert Tech. DO NOT attempt to use or fire your rifle before sending in your bolt for replacement.

    To complete a recall claim, dealers and customers will be required to return thier bolts to Desert Tech for review and replacement. We anticipate that turnaround tmie for your bolt will be within 2 weeks from the date that it is received by Desert Tech.

    Our biggest concern is the safety of our customers and their experience with our proucts. Our goal is to keep this process simple and efficient to imrpove turnaround and mitigate any safety concerns.


    Nicholas Young

    Chief Executive Office

    RECALL NOTICE: Desert Tech Issues Immediate Recall on SRS Strikers

    The process of hardening firing pins/strikers is one that requires great care to be taken in order for the product to be up to specification. If the striker is not hardened enough, over time it can mushroom out and eventually become useless because of the wear. On the converse side, overhardening of a striker can cause it to be brittle and shatter upon impact with a primer (as Desert Tech Stated above). In either case, if you have an SRS rifle that is involved with this claim, then you should immediately contact Desert Tech for your replacement parts.

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