The Browning SA-22 Rimfire Rifle has Received a Makeover

    The Browning SA-22 Challenge Rifle has Received a Makeover

    The classic SA-22 has received a fresh new makeover from Browning. The SA-22 was John Browning’s first semi-automatic rifle chambered in 22LR. Since its introduction in 1914, the SA-22 has widely been considered a high-end firearm hailing from FN Herstal where Browning had sent the manufacturing rights to. Now the SA-22 Challenge sports a new look meant for more modern times and modern accessories.

    Browning SA-22 Challenge Rifle

    February 9, 2021 — As an original John M. Browning design, the SA-22 has provided shooters with a reliable 22 LR rifle for more than a century. Now, this classic rifle has received a makeover with a number of enhanced features.

    The Browning Semi-Auto 22 Challenge is an ideal choice for those looking to shoot tighter groups with their rimfire rifle. It features a threaded, 16 ¼” bull barrel that enhances shooting accuracy for plinking and varmint hunting. The raised comb on the American walnut stock pairs nicely with the fitted Picatinny scope base for proper head position when looking through optics. To learn more about the features and specs, as well access to downloadable hi-res images, please visit:

    SA-22 Challenge Rifle


    • Threaded ½”-28 bull barrel
    • Removeable muzzle brake
    • Grade 1 American Walnut stock with raised comb
    • Matte blued 16 ¼” fixed bull barrel and action
    • Picatinny scope base
    • In-stock, 10-round magazine

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    The Browning SA-22 Challenge Rifle has Received a Makeover

    The SA-22 is a unique rimfire rifle in that it feeds from the rear and ejects from the bottom – not something very common these days even with centerfire rifles. The updated stock should lend itself well to working with modern red dot optics or even scopes. What is also very exciting to see is that the included muzzle brake is removable and that means the inevitable addition of a suppressor.

    With over half a million rifles having been sold since its introduction, these new modernized rimfire rifles should make a great addition to any rimfire junkie’s collection. The newly updated Browning SA-22 is on sale now and retails for $939.99 MSRP. Browning has provided a dealer locator for those who want to locate and secure or order one of the new rifles.

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