Cutting Edge CuRx 42gr and 50gr Monolithic .22LR Bullets

    Cutting Edge 42gr and 50gr CuRx .22LR Bullets (1)

    Hot on the heels of 32-grain CuRx bullets release, Cutting Edge has announced the addition of heavier 42 and 50-grain projectiles to this line of machined solid copper .22LR bullets. These bullets are designed primarily for rimfire competition shooters to allow them to squeeze the maximum performance from the humble .22LR. The .22LR cartridge uses heeled bullets that have a stepped-down tail to fit the case, that’s why standard .224 caliber bullets can’t be used in this cartridge. Let’s take a closer look at the new CuRx bullets.

    The first bullet in this line, the 32 grainer, was designed to work in barrels with common .22 LR twist rates (1:16″ or faster) and function in standard .22LR magazines. The two new heavier 42 and 50-grain CuRx bullets will require faster twists and either longer magazines or single loading. Particularly, as shown in the top image of this article, to stabilize the 42-grain bullet you’ll need at least a 1:10″ twist rate and for the 50-grain pill, the recommended twist rate is 1:7″ or faster.

    The 42-grain bullet has an overall length of .724″ and the following ballistic coefficients: G1 BC -.187, G7 BC -.113. When testing the 42-grain bullets, Cutting Edge was able to push them to an average muzzle velocity of 1,537 fps. The 50-grain CuRx bullet is .820″ long, has a G1 BC of .214 and G7 BC of .139. This heaviest member of the CuRx family of bullets travels at 1,350 fps on average. All CuRx .22 LR bullets feature the company’s patented Sealtite band and patent-pending double driving band.

    Cutting Edge 42gr and 50gr CuRx .22LR Bullets (8)

    To allow their customers to achieve the best results, Cutting Edge has also outsourced primed .22LR cases and sells the CuRx bullets in bundles that include 200 bullets and an equal amount of primed cases. The MSRPs of the 200 count bundles of 42 and 50-grain CuRx bullets are $93 and $97 respectively. Cutting Edge also sells .22LR reloading die sets consisting of a crimping die, bullet seating die and two shell holders. The die set retails for $122. The video below shows the reloading process of .22LR ammunition with Cutting Edge bullets and reloading dies.

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