Meprolight Releases MEPRO O2 Multi-Pattern Red Dot

    Introducing the Meprolight MEPRO O2 Red Dot Sight

    Meprolight is one of the OG’s of red dot optics and also happens to be one of the most common names when it comes to durable, action-ready red dots. The company has just released their newest red dot – the MEPRO O2. This sight is intended to be an all-weather, all-light capable red dot with many features suitable for military and law enforcement use.

    Introducing the Meprolight MEPRO O2 Red Dot Sight

    Meprolight Releases MEPRO O2 Multi-Pattern Red Dot

    The Mepro O2 offers the users a breakthrough and significant tactical advantage using a multi-pattern reticle with full adaptive capabilities to all tactical scenarios, all-weather/light conditions, and different ammunition (for example, a quick transition between 300blk super and subsonic or 5.56 caliber ballistic compensation for 100m, 200m, and 300m ranges).

    The Mepro O2 MIL-SPEC design offers defense, law enforcement, and HLS forces a vast range of capabilities that deliver mission flexibility and target precision – all of which contribute to mission success.
    The Mepro O2 is optimized for modern weapon platforms. Its short-length and lightweight design addresses the need for co-mounting several tactical devices on today’s weapon rail (e.g., magnifier laser pointer, NVGs, etc.),

    Mepro O2 is equipped with a light sensor and automatic brightness control system, enabling clear visibility of the aiming pattern in any lighting conditions. It has an integrated motion sensor and configurable sleep time of 4-8 hours for extended operation time.

    Unique Advantages:

    • Multi-pattern reticle with full adaptive capabilities to all tactical scenarios
    • Automatic brightness control (built-in light sensor)
    • Red or green reticles
    • Compatible with NVG & with magnifier scope
    • No light signature
    • Compact, lightweight ergonomic design
    • Non-reflective large display optic window
    • MIL-STD qualified

    Introducing the Meprolight MEPRO O2 Red Dot Sight

    I’m happy to see more red dot optics manufacturers making the decision to use the common CR123 battery and also include auto-off technology to conserve battery life. Nothing is more frustrating than having to switch out batteries mid-range session or god forbid – mid-mission. The multi-pattern reticle is also an interesting feature despite me never thinking of a scenario where I would quickly transition from 5.56 to 300 Blackout without also switching optics. What are your thoughts on this new red-dot optic from Meprolight?

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